Friday, April 25, 2008

Good News/Bad News Dialogue

Good News: My daughter wanted to keep going in math today - 6 pages!

Bad News: She decided she ought to get a toy for all her hard work!

Good: We have two bathrooms.

Bad: One toilet stopped working two days ago.

Good: Husband has a job.

Bad: Toilet stopped working the day before he had to start his 12 hr/day work week. Eat/sleep/work for 3 days. No time to fix toilet.

Good: We had sun today! I sat outside and felt warmth - it's been a long time!

Bad: It's supposed to rain for the next 10 days.

Good: Timberdoodle is giving free shipping on orders over $85 until April 30th. Timberdoodle sells homeschool stuff. We ordered math curricula for all the kids - it was time.

Bad: Financially, it really wasn't a good time to order anything but let's hope that "stimulus" check from the government gets here soon!

Good: God is. He just is.


Mama Self said...

It is good to remember that especially when not-so-good things happen, huh? God is good and faithful...I hope to be more like Him daily! :)

Cate said...

Love the list. Sometimes hey?

Hang in there with the rain - we have heavy rain warnings flashing across the news this morning - a fun day ahead methinks!

Leingang Family said...

God is good and it is so good that it doesn't depend on how we feel or what is going on.

I enjoyed the dialogue and think I have had a very similar one before.

appleleaf said...

Yeah, lists often seem to be mixed like that, but that's life I guess. Amusing to read about your earth day antics. I hope your plumbing problems are now solved.
We had earth day a few weeks ago too. I had a night drive with Emma while she looked out at how many people had their lights on and weren't going along with the spirit of the night, in her opinion.