Thursday, April 17, 2008


We spent 2 days in Portland this week as there was a concert we wanted to go to. And we surprised the kids with a trip to a science museum as well. Alec has been asking to go to this museum for about 2 years and we finally did it. This museum has a retired submarine docked in the river that runs along the museum and you can take a tour of it. Of course, the museum was full of school kids out on field trips, as well as babies and toddlers everywhere (this being Wednesday after all - isn't this were everyone takes their babies and toddlers during the week?) Anyway, we headed for the sub tour as soon as we got there and, surprise, we were the ONLY ones on the 12:10 tour! I thought it was pretty cool that my family got a personal tour of the sub. Oh, I didn't take the tour (I hate places so confined - ugh!) but Alec just loved it. They all enjoyed it but Alec has been waiting so long for a sub tour that he was just thrilled. He just lives and breathes subs right now. It's downright annoying.

Speaking of annoying, something I've encountered the past few days is some really, really pushy people. We got to swim once at the hotel pool this week and after about 1/2 hour, these 2 ladies came in with a little child (maybe 5 or 6?) with long hair, trunks and a swim shirt. I thought it was a boy but the rest of my family insists it was a girl (did have a high voice). Anyway, this child gets in the pool with us and immediately starts playing with the toys we brought. We all got out and went into the hot tub and he/she followed us, talking all the way. He/she gets in the hot tub and continues to hold rein of the conversation. We were all polite and I tried not to get annoyed but, man, what do you do? We all got out to get dried off and the kid follows us over, insisting that my oldest meet him/her at breakfast the next day ("Hey, kid, hey, kid!") He/she kept asking over and over WHEN we would be in the breakfast room and I kept saying I didn't know. I was so glad to get out of there! The mom of this child was busy talking with her friend, didn't notice her kid really. Is it just me or would this have bugged you as well? Am I too intolerant of kids like this? It was obvious that this child wanted/needed attention but I guess I just wasn't in the mood to give it too them. So sue me.

Today, I got a phone call from a charity that I have supported in the past. They gave me their pitch about their current cause and asked, "Can we count on you to send us a donation of $300.00?" "No," I said. He went down to $200.00. "No," I said. He finally conceded to what ever amount I could give them and this is where I said I do not respond to phone calls for donations. End of conversation. I'm getting better at dealing with this kind of thing. I don't often let people push me anymore and I'm not ever afraid to be blunt. I'm pretty good at diplomacy but sometimes people need to be hit over the head - they don't get the hint. Be blunt.

Last one. My dh and I have been joking around with the idea of getting me a new version of the Volkswagen Beetle because I drove a 1968 model as my first car (wish I still had it - got great gas mileage). We can't afford one, of course, but it's fun to talk about. We've been driving by a dark cream-colored one at a local dealer lately and today we stopped to find out the price, just for fun. Of course, we were approached by the dreaded salesman. I asked what the price was. He said it wasn't on the car, the owner had it inside the building. "Why isn't it on the car!" I cried? He started asking us personal questions and wanted to know what our price range was. I said I just wanted to know what the price was. He said he didn't know but what would we be willing to pay? I said I didn't know, I just wanted to know what the price was? (Notice that I have repeated myself here at least 3 times and have gotten no response.) He wanted us to go inside and we said never mind. I said that we've bought enough cars to know what goes on inside the dealership. Can you believe this? Maybe I should have been more patient but my husband was thoroughly disgusted so I guess my reaction was appropriate. We won't be going back there.

There must be a Bible verse that gives advice for dealing with, what I would call, pushy people. God loves these people. I try to be patient in these situations. I'm just not there yet.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Oh Kate I'm with you. It bugs me when someone's child latches onto me and the parent is so busy being clueless they don't do anything about it. I'm oftem tempted (just tempted mind you) to tell the kid to hit the road.

Leingang Family said...

No, you aren't the only one. That drives me batty!!!!

Glad you had fun at OMSI. My kids still like going there. But it is the most fun when it is almost empty. School tours drive me batty, too. :o)

Emily said...

Omsi is awesome. I think our family is large enough that a family membership would pay for itself after 2 uses. :)

and I don't like buying cars and you just feel them LYING to you. Like he didn't know the price of the car? yes he did. He just was lying. So, if you said, "I want it for $200?" would he even know that it was higher than that? Come on. annoying.

I'd like a mini cooper some day. Zippy little things.