Wednesday, April 2, 2008

From Babies To People

Hey! My friend, Rebeca, had a baby boy today! Been praying for her for 9 months and now he's here! Isn't that awesome? I've got goosebumps! Send some prayers her way, o.k?

This evening, I was thinking about how much I'm in love with my kids. When I look at their faces when they are speaking to me, telling me about whatever they are interested in at the moment, it's hard not to lose myself in their sweet eyes. Sometimes I don't hear what they are saying because I'm busy thinking about their lives with me, as babies, toddlers, the years kind of pass before my eyes and suddenly I snap out of it and realize they've asked a question. Is that strange? Do you ever do that? Now that my sons are maturing, I can see how handsome they will be as adults (if they stay as handsome as they are now, that is!!) And my daughter's face is like a delicate tea cup ... to me anyway. I guess these are the words of a mom, huh? I'm supposed to feel like this so I'm not loony. Just in love.

Do you like to just "be" with your kids? I mean, there are times when we don't want to be with them (like when they are being obnoxious) but most of the time, I just like being with them. Today, we went to the post office and while my oldest and I were having a package prepared to be shipped, my two younger kids were looking at the mail products behind us. They were just quietly talking to each other and my oldest and I were talking with the mail clerk. At that moment, I thought of how nice it was that I didn't have to deal with any kid issues ("Put that down", "Quiet please", "Chad, stay with me!", etc., etc.) My kids were just people with me at the post office. It was so fantastic. It's not always like that but it is getting that way more and more. I turned around to my daughter and thanked her for behaving so nicely. Apparently, the clerk thought the same thing as he handed me some treats to give to the kids. Wasn't that nice? I'm always so amazed at little things like that.

After dinner, my oldest and my daughter went for a walk with me. A pleasant stroll up and down the hill, no fights, just quietly walking and talking.

My kids aren't babies anymore. Get used to it.


Emily said...

I definately do the 'stare into their faces' thing. I DO know what you mean that they'll be saying something and I'll be looking at their noses. :)

Leingang Family said...

I miss having babies, but I love having little grown-ups around, too. :o)

Halfmoon Girl said...

My baby is turning 3 in June. A big part of me wants to keep my kids under 5 forever (just not all at the same time). I was just thinking how in love I am with my kids, even though about 10 minutes ago I was frustrated with the snail's pace of the older two.

Glad to hear that the Lord took care of you regarding your roof fire! Scary.