Saturday, June 30, 2012

Start of Summer

I've been having difficulty loading my "new post" page, hence, no new posts.  With the stupid drama happening back home (in So. Cal), I've had plenty to keep me busy and fretting a bit.  What does one do when one's own parent acts in an immature way that is totally baffling?  It's true what they say about older parents regressing back to the teenage level.  I guess I'm at that "sandwich" time of life, parenting my kids and parenting my parent.  I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I love my Mom.  But ...,

Oh, anyway, the kitchen remodel is going very well.  I really haven't been inconvenienced that much which is amazing.  Todd is wonderful.  Hoping to post a photo in near future.  Todd and the boys hauled a van load of construction debris to the dump in the drizzle.  I am SO thankful I don't have to do that anymore!  I used to be Todd's "helper" and, praise the Lord, now I have two very able teen boys to do the work.  

We officially finished school last week which I know was a welcome break for us all.  I always think that the kids will be bored once they finish school but that only lasts a few days, perhaps a week.  I am enjoying having my mornings free even though I was a little sad to finish yet another year.  Each year finished is one less I get to have my kids home.  

Chad got to attend two classical music concerts last weekend, part of a three weekend music festival our town holds every June.  I remember the first year they were putting this event together and it is really nice to see how, 10 years later, it has grown and really become a success.  Most events are sold out and they aren't cheap, which is why we send Chad instead of the whole family attending.  He really enjoyed the concerts and got several autographs (which I think is pretty neat!)

It has been rainy and cool in the Northwest, while I keep hearing of very high temps all around the U.S.  Summer is here.