Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big and Little - God Cares

I guess this is my season to win things. Today, my family and I went to a class on the art of bonsai at a nursery south of us. There were maybe 30 people there and we each got a ticket for a drawing. They gave away 4 items and my daughter and I each won something! After the J Jill incident (a few posts ago) I figured I'd won big for the year but, no, God decided to bestow on me and my daughter a couple of treats. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when things like this happen. Of course, I felt bad for winning as I always want everyone to win - I felt guilty until my husband said to stop it and just be happy. He's right, of course. Carmen won a coupon for 25% off our purchase that day. I won a bag of dirt. O.k., it was a special potting soil for bonsai plants. Still, I won! It was cool. We all had a really fun morning at the nursery.

On my other blog (, I wrote about another neat thing God did today, this time for my son, Alec. It amazes me how God cares for the little joys in our life. How much more does He care for the really big things, right?

Last night, God showed us just how much he cares for the "What could have become a really big thing."

My husband nearly ALWAYS works on Friday night. But his schedule was changed for the first week of April, therefore, he was home last night. It has been really cold here so I had a fire going in the woodstove. Before dinner, I put a really heavy, dense log on the fire. After dinner, the house was really, really warm and I checked on the fire to see how it was doing. I heard a funny, sizzling sound but just thought it was the heavy log. Then I went to do the dishes. It was about 9:00 pm. As I was standing at the sink, facing the window that opens into our small, gated courtyard, I saw a hand waving in the window. Scared the daylights out of me! Then I saw a man's face and he was saying something. I opened the window and he said, "Ma'am, your roof's on fire!" I relayed this message to Todd (o.k., I yelled to Todd!), had the forethought to put on my shoes, looked into the living room at the woodstove for evidence of an indoor fire, then ran outside. Todd closed off the air to the fire, then ran outside and got the hose going. I ran out to the street to get a better look at the roof while he was spraying it and, sure enough, there were two glob-like fires burning up there around the woodstove chimney. He got the fire out and inspected everything. My ultra-hot fire had caused a chimney fire (oops!) and the rain had liquefied the creosote build-up, which then dripped onto the roof. Something like that. (Note to Kate: Don't make the fire so hot!) I thanked the man and and his wife (she got out of their car and came over to where I was) over and over for stopping. And I praised the Lord for putting those people there at the right time. Our street doesn't have a lot of cars on it late in the evening and if these people had been going up the street, the fire would have been hidden from their view by a big tree in the front yard. No, they were going down the street and had a clear view of the roof. If Todd had been working, it would have been a lot scarier for me and the kids. I would have had to call the fire dept. and everything. Ugh.

God is good. God cares - He really does.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

It sounds like you've had an exciting couple of days. And yes, my life is quiet enough that I think winning a bag of dirt is exciting!

appleleaf said...

Wow, another right place, right time story. I'm just in awe that's it's so cold over there that you need to burn a fire hot enough to set your roof alight.
I'm glad to hear that neighbourly gentleman was on the ball.

Leingang Family said...

Wow! I am so thankful that God was watching over you guys. Are we really surprised? It also makes me wonder if we should be cleaning our chimney? :o)

Cate said...

Wow - so many "what ifs!" We have been talking through "what ifs" a lot lately - makes you glad that God has the "what ifs" in hand.

Enjoy your dirt :-)

PS have answered your "brick dunny" question on my latest post