Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still Waiting But Hopeful

We are still waiting to know the test results of Todd's surgery BUT ... no one called us this past week, so we are hopeful that no news is good news. They said they would call if they found something. So, God willing, when Todd calls next week, the news will be favorable. Thanks for your prayers. I have worn myself out, praying.

Will update again when I know for certain.

In the meantime, enjoy the long weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wait

Thanks so much for your prayers. Todd came through the surgery just fine. In fact, he suggested we go to the zoo while we were in Portland. I thought he was nuts. None of us had slept much the night before but, hey, the kids all wanted to go to the zoo as well. What could I do? And, of course, this was the day Portland decided to reach 81 degrees. Nothing I like better than walking around looking at animals in the heat, amongst a throng of noisy kids (not mine, everyone else's) with their harried parents and bored teenagers on first dates. Can you tell I'm still exhausted?

Anyway, we got home yesterday and God was good. He took care of us and Todd. God even helped me get to the hospital after I was tearfully lost without my map. (Todd drove himself to the hospital and we arrived later - long story). Our hotel was only 12 miles away but, if you know anything about Portland, it's not the easiest city to navigate (at least, not to me). I'm not the one usually driving when we go there. We did, however, get to see a lot of culture driving through downtown! Lead to a great discussion with the kids but I was too stressed to really enjoy it.

The main thing is this: The surgery went very well and things looked good visually. Now we wait. We will know by this Thursday, if not before. If they find anything, they will call us sooner. I am praying that they won't call. Please continue to pray that the test results will be negative. I am so thankful that the Lord took care of Todd and the rest of us so well. I trust that He will continue to be with us. Thanks again for your support and prayers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Thanks again for your comments. All this anniversary stuff has kept my mind off of the future. Until now.

I mentioned before that my husband had surgery to remove a mole on his arm and it was melanoma. At the end of this week, he is going in to have a larger excision made around the area, as well as two lymph nodes removed to be inspected.

We've been down this road before, a few years before Chad was born. This melanoma was unrelated to the previous one. After passing the 5 year mark, we were hopeful that he would never have melanoma again. But that's not what happened. At the time, I remember praying that the Lord would give Todd and me a long life together. I still pray that prayer, especially now.

I was going to go into further detail but I don't feel like it. If Todd wants me to explain more, I will.

What I do wish to humbly ask is that you will pray for Todd. The surgery is Aug. 22, in Portland. Please pray that it would be the Lord's will for there to be no cancer left anywhere. And that Todd would have no further melanoma. Also that the surgery would go well, that God would touch the hands of all that care for Todd. And that, again, we would have a long life together. I would also appreciate prayers for me and the kids, as it is a difficult trip, into Portland, overnight, the hospital wait and the drive home. Very stressful for me and sometimes for the kids. I want to be there for Todd and not be concerned about anything else.

Thank you so much. I love this guy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

20 Years Later

I posted a "now" photo here at my HSB post. Please be kind.

Monday, August 11, 2008

How We Spent Our 20th

Oh, you kind, kind ladies! What nice things you have said! Thank you so much. If you missed my HSB blog, called "20", it tells some details of our beginning to the present. And that photo (at HSB) at the bottom of me was one Todd really likes - me and my toothy smile. It's who I am, I guess.

So, what did we do on our 20th anniversary? Funny you should ask. Well, o.k., no one asked but I want to record it anyway.

Todd got up before me and made a white cake, complete with "20" frosted on it. It was beautiful and delicious. Carmen kept saying it looked like a wedding cake (she's quick!) We each had cards for the other and shared some chocolate-covered cherries before breakfast.

Later, after lunch and before we cut the cake, I instructed the kids how to sing "Happy Anniversary" to us. When one of them balked, I said, "No cake unless you sing". Got results fast.

It was precious. I stopped breathing so I could just focus on that moment and devote it to memory in my heart. They were so sweet. Then I grabbed the video camera and said, "O.k., now let's do that again so I can record it!" "Mom!" Just kidding - I wouldn't make them do that over.

After lunch, Todd got out my stored wedding gown and veil, ironed them for me (no small feat) and I put them on. Believe it or not, after 3 babies, the dress still fits! I now weigh 15 lbs less than I did when we married but having kids redistributes your weight. It was only a bit tight around the waist. Whoopee!

Todd put on a tuxedo that he inherited from my late step-father and he looked very, very nice. Then we had my son takes photos. Not the best idea, I'm afraid.

The photos he took were almost acceptable - except for a few things we couldn't quite come to terms with. Bad lighting. Bad angles. Sigh. We looked pretty good (if I do say so myself) but we haven't decided which one to post. Funny, Rebeca asked about "then and now" photos on my HSB post. I'll let you know, Rebeca!

When that was done, it was time to go out to dinner - just the two of us. A first in 13 years! I don't often have a chance to get really dressed up so that made it even more special. Todd looked very handsome in his sport coat. I didn't make him wear a tie. I fussed over which pantyhose to wear, changing 3 times. It was a wonder I had pantyhose at all! Has this ever happened to you?

We went to a fabulous restaurant overlooking the Columbia River - we save this place for special occasions (it's spendy). We sat in the loft section where we were the only ones seated for at least an hour. Very private and very awkward at first. We kind of looked out at the water and around and at each other for a bit. I was nervous, like on a first date or something! I finally relaxed and we had a great time. I want to go out with this guy more often! It was so fun. We just talked and talked. We held hands. The food was great and we ordered coffee and dessert as well. I didn't want it to end. Finally, Todd's phone rang. It was Chad, wondering when we were coming home. Time to go. We picked up Subway sandwiches for the kids on the way home (we ate early, we didn't leave them starving or anything!) The kids were thrilled to get Subway plus cake for dessert!

I had a lovely anniversary. We really enjoyed each other's company on our special day. I have often said that my wedding day was one of the most perfect and wonderful days of my life. Nothing, absolutely nothing, went wrong on that day. Seriously. Even it if had, it would have been o.k. but what a blessing that it went as well as it did. Well, my 20th anniversary now has to rank right up there near it. I praise the Lord for a simple and lovely day to remember.

Monday, August 4, 2008

20 Years

If you would have told me, many years ago, that I would someday meet a tall, blue-eyed, blond that would ask me to marry him (after just 5 weeks of dating) and that we would someday celebrate 20 years together ... I would have thought you were nuts!

But that's just what happened.

And that special day is this Wednesday, August 6th. Send no gifts - just prayers for another 20+ years. Or more.

(This is us on our happy day with our pastor, Matt, my sister's bro-in-law. Look familiar to anyone?)

I can't imagine being married to anyone but Todd. There just isn't anyone under the sun who can remotely put up with me. Oh, sure, he thinks I'm hot (which is a blessing, let me tell you!) But he also loves me regardless of how often I nag him or the kids. Regardless of how often the kitchen is full of dirty dishes. Regardless of how often dinner is served after 6:30 pm. On and on ...

Because, in me, he sees the love I have for my Lord, my intense desire to be a good mom to my kids, and my ability to love him .... regardless.

He sees in me the potential to be so much more than I am. He often encourages me to write more, to better myself, to try something new. When I am in a self-critical mood, he tries to turn my attitude around.

Marriage to someone for this length of time is long enough to see the very best and the very worst in each other. To memorize each other's face, to see all the imperfections both inside and out, yet love each other through them. He helped me in each of 3 births. I've seen him through numerous surgeries for melanoma (with another one in a few weeks - please pray), and heart surgery (just to list the most serious ailments!) He supported me when I gave my all to a women's ministry that I was head of for several years. I backed him when he decided to close his cabinet business of 15+ years and go back to school to become a nurse. I sleep alone 3-4 nights a week due to his work schedule. I don't like it but, because I love him, I do it because he prefers working in ICU at night. The give and take seems to equal out over time.

We've both had times when we wanted to walk out. But we didn't. Because God is the tie that binds us together. Marriage is difficult. Without God, marriage must be nearly impossible. Because when you take two people and build a life together, you can be certain there will be many, many bumps along the way. But when you survive the bump, the joy is there to meet you. The love is renewed and fresh.

Thanks, Todd. Happy 20th Anniversary!

Love, Kate.