Monday, January 26, 2009

Unexpected Thank You's

How does one say "Thank you" for a "Thank You" gift?

This past week, we received two very sweet thank you gifts, one from my neighbor for taking in her mail while she was away, and the other from my sister (she had a birthday recently). Both thank you's were way more than I expected (as I didn't expect anything at all) and I felt that they were so thoughtful that I wanted to do something back to thank them (where will it end? -LOL!) It's hard for me to simply accept a nice gesture toward me or my family and I don't know why. God gives His gifts freely and that's what a thank you gift is, I believe. A gift given without needing anything in return.

Still ...

I guess I won't be satisfied until I have the opportunity to thank my neighbor and my sister - I just can't help myself!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Leadership

All right, ladies. Now is the time to pray for our nation's new leaders. Tomorrow is the day.

This is one of those rare, rare times I wish we had TV. I've tried to find live coverage on the internet but I think we'll just go to the local Sears outlet in town. They always have too many televisions turned on, blaring nonsense. I'm sure they'll be turned in. Chad really wants to see the swearing-in live and I don't blame him. I think this whole thing is being blown out of proportion but that's just my opinion. I'll be so glad when it's over. Well, maybe. I still have to laugh about something I heard on the radio back during Mr. Obama's campaign. He was speaking somewhere about how things were in our nation, currently. Referring to how things would be if he were elected, his comment was, "It couldn't be worse!" Oh, I hope he is right!

We will see.

(End of my political opinion.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Post of 2009

Just a word to say that I'm still around but not feeling like writing anything. I've been stuck into the newest book recently published by my blog friend and talented writer, Paula (see 'appleleaf" at left). I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. the day before New Year's Eve reading the entire thing! Now, I'm re-reading it to make sure I didn't miss anything. A habit I have, I'm afraid. I love re-reading books that I really enjoy. Check out Paula's blog and find out what this delightful writer is all about!

(The above is not a paid endorsement - just an enthusiastic reader and friend!)