Thursday, March 6, 2008

Me and Jill

This was an amazing day. For me, anyway. I got to drive to Portland (2 hours each way) all by myself, shop at J.Jill during one of their "events" (ooh, boy!) and buy tickets for an upcoming Waifs concert!

This may not sound so special but it sure was to me. Hours of time that I didn't have to wash one dish or answer one question or break up any tussles. In other words, a non-mom and non-homeschool mom morning!! I haven't had a day like this in ... well, its been a LONG time.

My sweet husband encouraged me to go, made me coffee for the road (a new habit we are sharing in the morning) and packed me a lunch. He printed out maps and wrote out instructions so I wouldn't get lost (he knows his wife). I don't know Portland too well on my own because he's always driving and I'm always tending to the kids, so I don't pay much attention to street signs. As I was getting in the car, he asked if I had my J.Jill card (doesn't everyone have one of these?) - of course I didn't so he brought it out to me. I was set.

It didn't rain. God protected me from what might have been a front fender clip by a careless driver. I found the J.Jill store that I'd never been to. I HAD A BALL! Last night, Todd and I had circled clothing in the new catalog so all I had to do was walk around the store and pick out the things we had preselected. The discounts were deep, the ladies helping were fantastic and fun, I found quite a few things to update my wardrobe. Which really needed updating. As I was leaving, they handed me a tulip. I love flowers. Nice touch!

I found the Aladdin theatre with no problem, found parking reasonably close. Got the tickets and headed home. I didn't get lost.

But it doesn't end there. After I got home, I received a phone call from the store, saying I had won a $50 J.Jill gift card in a drawing! I never entered the drawing so one of the workers must have entered for me! Isn't that amazing? I will also receive a bouquet of flowers in the next few days. Call this icing on the cake. Lots of icing!

While I was gone, my dh did the dishes, baked 3 loaves of bread and helped the kids with their school work. Then he went to bed because he had to work tonight. I am so thankful that my husband encouraged me to spend the day like I did. I am thankful for all Todd did while I was gone. I am thankful that he doesn't mind spending $$ on clothes for me (I'm not comfortable spending his hard-earned $$ on me). An unexpected delight. When things like this happen, it's hard for me to absorb. God cares for our WHOLE lives and he delights in giving us joyful things. I was given a joyful day today. I do not feel that I deserve it. But my praise goes up to Him for caring about a tired Mom who needed a very necessary break. It would serve me well if I looked harder for the small, day-to-day joys that God gives us frequently. And be thankful for each one.


Emily said...

YOU WON! That's so awesome. Like icing on a cake w/ frosting already on it. :)

and your comments/ prayers meant so much to me. Thank you again.

Deedee said...

Way cool! OK. So where do I go to book a 'Mommy's away day' for myself! I'm feeling a desperate need of one right now. And did you have to go and start another blog? I have trouble keeping up with the blogs I'm reading as it is! ;o)

40winkzzz said...

Too cool! I love getting away like that. Just 2 weekends ago I spent a Friday-night-thru-Sunday weekend w/some ladies from church at a cottage. I get to do that a few times a year. It is always a refreshing time.

As for you, after all you've been thru in the last few months, I'm sure you really needed that time off. And wow-- to get the day to yourself and win $50 in the process is great! Hmmm, guess you'll have to plan another day out to go spend the gift card!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds soooo neat! I wish I could have gone to the J.Jill outlet too! I love their clothes! Glad you had a refreshing time! What a great husband to prep it all for you!

appleleaf said...

We don't have J.Jill stores over here. A chain of department stores, I imagine?
Sounds like a refreshing day. It must've felt weird to just slam your own car door shut and walk away without waiting for everyone in the back to tumble out and organise themselves.
BTW, sounds as if Todd's surgery has given him the energy of at least two men.
That business with directions is the same with Andrew & me, even around different parts of Adelaide, the city where I've lived all my life! Just not a woman's thing.

Mama Self said...

Wow! That's such a wonderful treat. And your hubby sure has some energy back, too. I'm excited for your wonderful day.

Thanks for your encouragement. have another great day!

Leingang Family said...

What a day! What a blessing for you. Glad you had so much fun!