Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Guppy News

Just a quick fish update (I'm sure you were wondering!)

I actually prayed that the Lord would spare that baby guppy that we thought got sucked into the filter (the Lord cares about the greatest as well as the smallest, right?) And the next morning, I went in and inspected Carmen's fish tank. There it was! I called in the kids and we were so thrilled. I told them that God answered my prayer. We were all so happy. Chad netted the baby out and put it in with the mama guppy in her fish bowl.

As of today (Tuesday) we still do not have any more babies. I think it's strange that she gave birth to just one. She still looks pregnant so we'll see if more arrive. In the meantime, the baby has grown enough that some orange color is showing - he must be male as the females are plain.

My daughter is so proud. She runs around saying how "she's the first person in this house to breed fish!" My son has told her not to name the baby guppy yet because it might not survive. But I told her to go ahead and name it. I mean, why not? Even if it only lives a short time, it is still her fish. She has spent a lot of time thinking about a name - hasn't picked one yet.

Well, that's the latest scoop on the guppies. As for me, the bouquet of flowers I won at J.Jill the other day arrived today. 15 tulips! It feels weird to receive flowers from no one, know what I mean? They are pretty, though, and brighten my kitchen. I left a nice email on the J.Jill website, thanking them for my fun day at the store and all. I also praised the staff at that location and asked that "whoever needed to know" be told how helpful the employees were that day. I got a J.Jill reply, saying that everyone at that store location would be congratulated for their effort. Cool! I think good customer service should be praised and rewarded - and therefore, encouraged!


Anonymous said...

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Mama Self said...

Very cool about the guppy. We are seeing our Beta named Captain slowly die. John (age 10) is so sad. He doesn't want the fish to suffer, as it lays on it's side and doesn't eat or swim. It's still breathing, so we pray and wait. Yet, God is good all of the time, and we live by praying and waiting, don't we?

I agree that good customer service should be rewarded, as it's not seen as often as it used to be. Way to go, J. Jill!

Emily said...

Whoa, makes me almost want to spend $89 on a cute spring top. :) You're totally right, if there's good service, someone needs to know!

I'm excited to read your blog again. So glad that your children REALLY aren't building satellites in their spare time. :) I would have been way far behind the times.

Leingang Family said...

Congrats on your newest addition. :o) Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. They always make me feel cheerful and springy. Hope you enjoy your little bit of God's amazing creation!

Have a blessed Easter!