Friday, February 29, 2008

Go See Missy!

Oh, my goodness. I am SO tired! We spent the night in Portland last night, to attend a Missy Higgins concert. Missy is a very talented singer/songwriter/musician from Melbourne, Australia, and is doing quite well, apparently. We were fortunate to find out a few months ago that she would be in Portland and my husband got tickets. Todd discovered her music several months back and got me hooked, as well. Missy released her second album a few days ago in the U.S. and we were able to buy it at the concert. If she comes anywhere near your town on this 2008 tour, I highly recommend her. She has a stellar band playing along with her. The guys are very professional and talented. (Hey, Cate - her keyboardist is from New Zealand!) Her music is kind of rocky, with some ballads and a bit of folk/country here and there. Fresh. Honest. I love it. My kids even enjoyed it, although concerts go a bit late for them. Which is why I'm so tired. Well, we all are but we'll recover.

The only warning I have is that the band opening for her (at least for a few concerts) is kind of loud. Nice guys but their guitars gave me a headache. Next time, I'll bring earplugs for all of us (I usually do for concerts, just forgot this time.) Missy's band wasn't nearly as loud, fortunately!

The Portland crowd (the place was packed to standing room only) was a great audience. They usually are, we have found. Ever polite and encouraging. I've never met anyone rude at the concerts at this particular theatre in Portland.

Interestingly, the young lady sitting next to Alec asked my husband why we were out on a "school" night with our kids. My husband said, "This IS school!" You know, culture, etc. She thought that was great! I do, however, feel badly for keeping my 7 year old up until nearly 11 pm but once a year isn't so bad, is it? We bought ice cream sandwiches on the way home and ate them in the car (we were really hot from being in the balcony of the theatre and, boy, did that ice cream taste good!) Carmen was a bit difficult, as I knew she would be, but she "gets" it, know what I mean. She listened to the music and when Missy spoke, Carmen laughed on her own and seemed to connect as well as a 7 year old could with the 24 year old singer. But Carmen was too hot so we went downstairs a lot to cool off and get water. Finally, Todd took her so I could sit and enjoy the latter part of the concert, which is when Missy played my favorite songs - I had so much fun! My kids always look at me amazed when I "woo-who" and shout and clap (at the appropriate times, of course) during concerts. I am not shy but I'm not obnoxious either. Honest!

For my Aussie friends - there were Aussies in the audience on the first floor and at some point when Missy was speaking, I heard them shout, "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!" - something like that. We laughed because I have read a comment from my friend, Paula, who mentioned this very thing and it was fun to hear it in person! What fun people you Aussies are!

O.k. time for bed. It will be interesting to follow this young woman's career. May she stay true to herself and avoid the evils of the media. I sure hope so.

(Missy's web site is:


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Kate it sounds like such fun! Missy is wonderful, isn't she?!

Leingang Family said...

Sounds like fun! We love concerts but just don't go much anymore. It gets expensive with 5.

Don't feel bad about getting the kids to bed late. Our kids rarely get to bed before 10. I consider it one of the perks of homeschooling.

appleleaf said...

It's great to be back blogging again. Thanks again for your kind emails. We really appreciate you guys too.
Glad you all enjoyed the Missy Higgins concert. I like her too. As well as her voice, I like her personal style, include that cute, short haircut.
I would've liked to have been among those Aussies in Oregon for that night!

Mama Self said...

How fun! Because of our crazy schedule, a concert is not an option right now, but I know the kids would love one. What are your favorite MH songs?

MaryLu said...

Kate, I have a question about fears, could you email me privately? My email is on my blog page. Thanks so much.
This is in response to your comment on Emily's page.