Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh ... Just Some Thoughts

I do not like it when I write about something as if everyone knows what I'm talking about. Like someone who is talking about someone else that they assume you know but you don't. Therefore, J.Jill is a unique woman's clothing store with boutiques in many locations in many states (how many, I don't know) but they have a great little web site (jjill.com), a nice catalog and an awesome store credit card that gives you 5% off with each purchase. You also get an extra 5% off during the month of your birthday. And when you sign up for the card, you get 10% off. I've only been to two of the actual stores - they are about the size of our living room. Tiny. But you get great service. I usually mail order and wait for their sales. The clothes can be a bit spendy for us but every so often, Todd just says to go ahead a buy something, don't wait for the sale in case it's sold out. Bless him.

O.k., now that I've clarified that, you can wake up. Is it me or have my posts been a bit ... is plodding the word? Have I lost my spark? Is my creativity sagging? Perhaps it's this stupid cough that is still hanging on from that illness we all had back in February? I'm so sick of coughing. 3 weeks plus. I'm usually a healthy person. I want to be well.

The best news is this: Todd just finished his first 4-day, 12-hr/day work week and is just chipper. Before the surgery, he would be feeling just awful after a week like this but not now. It's SUCH a blessing to see him looking healthy and happy. I'm so thankful it's all over. And he'll never need a pericardectomy again! Ever! That is the best-best news!


Anonymous said...

I love J. Jill...if money were no object, I'd have a closet full of their stuff. Right now I have none. But I should get myself a catalogue, cuz when dh goes on deployment the cash will flow again...hee hee. That hazardous duty pay is a nice perk, right?
Glad your dh is back on his feet! What great news! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Mama Self said...

Ah, the normal ups and downs of writing...Don't worry. I like the ins and outs of normal lives, as it's hard to relate to things too "fantastical" (as my daughter says).

I rejoice with you concerning Todd's health. What an answer to prayer! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Emily said...

If money were no object...I'm with Aloha-gal.

And wahoo! about your husband. totally worth the anquish you were in for a while there.

Rebeca said...

Your date with JJill sounds like a blast! It's handsdown my favorite store, and I was very happy when we got one in our town. (And I think my husband was too, because it's one less place we "have" to go when we're in Portland. Now I just like to stop at the Hanna Andersson Outlet on the way home!) When I'm not pregnant anymore, I'll have to revisit our local JJill! Nice to find your blogspot blog!

Leingang Family said...

Glad you had a great first week back, Todd! Kate, I hope you are feeling better very soon!