Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Fun

We had a rather unusual Easter today.

My husband worked a 12-hr shift last night, so he spent part of the day sleeping. My 10 yr old, Alec, went anti-egg everything. And I'm hormonal, still sore from a muscle injury and either still recovering from my illness or now I've got allergies. Oh, and it stormed most of the day, winds up to 35 mph and it was COLD!

Since my husband was working, we dyed eggs yesterday without him. Late that evening, I had to do the baskets and fill and hide the plastic eggs alone. I prefer him to join me with these things but it couldn't be helped. I just wasn't into doing it. But I did it.

2 weeks ago, my son Alec announced he didn't want to dye eggs, didn't want a basket with candy and didn't want to find eggs on Easter morning. He said there's too much candy (I do try not to overdo it) and that's not what Easter is about. We said that was fine and he's right, it's not what Easter is about. I said that we do focus on Christ's Resurrection but the other things are just fun traditions. I also said he didn't have to have candy at all - I could give him a can of green beans instead (I happened to be by the pantry and I think that's where I got this brilliant idea). He said that would be fine. O.k.

This morning, when the kids went to find their hidden baskets, Alec found a small basket with a can of green beans in it. I wasn't sure how he'd respond ... he said, "Oh, green beans, it's just what I wanted!" Then he sat down and watched his siblings hunting for eggs. We finally told him to go hunt for eggs - now! He jumped up and ran around like a mad man, hoping to get his share. I don't know what all this was about but we just went with it. I think he wanted to stick with his original plan and not look stupid or something because in the end, he really did want to find eggs. Oh, and I did make him up a second basket with candy that I allowed him to find - and he was very pleased. But he thanked me again, later, for those green beans. Go figure!

We don't have a local church at the moment and with Todd working overnight, attending my friend's church 1 hour away wasn't really an option. Especially due to the weather we had. It was really cold and storming like crazy. 35 mph wind gusts. Rain from all directions. It was wild. I've always wanted to attend the sunrise service offered on one of the highest hills here in our town (our town is mostly situated on hills along the river) but since we've lived here, I can't recall too many Easters that have been nice enough - it's usually raining or cold or both. So I dressed up nicer than usual and so did the boys. Not Carmen - she doesn't like to dress up at all at the moment. Todd stayed up for the egg hunt and breakfast, then slept late morning until afternoon. There was finally a sun break and we drove over to a church that creates a cross on the front lawn made up of daffodils. It was really beautiful - I felt like crying! The daffodils sometimes come too early for a fresh cross on Easter - God allowed the flowers to be right on time this year.

I had planned a nice ham dinner tonight but my husband wanted homemade pizza. So, that was our Easter dinner. Which was fine because that made it easier for me!

A most unusual Easter but it was a fun one. We started the day reading to the kids a book about Jesus' life and death and resurrection, then we prayed. And we ended the day reading about it from the Bible and praying. Oh how thankful I am for Jesus! May my children grow to love Him more than anything else on this earth!


Emily said...

You know, we ate Burgerville, as that was what MY husband wanted for dinner. (my plan was homemade chicken noodle soup)

And I love your son Alec. What a little firey man. Wanting so bad to stick to his guns, but the...(I'm still a little boy and want candy)child part of him won out.

I think you handled that like a genius.

So WHEN are you getting a new computer so you can post pictures? It's like been years since I've read your blog and I still don't know what your kiddos look like. :)

Leingang Family said...

We missed you yesterday, but I am glad you had a good (yet unique) Easter. While it is so important to celebrate our risen Savior, traditions are a fun part of holidays, too. Over the years, some of our traditions have changed, some remained the same, but we always have a reason to praise the Lord!

Leingang Family said...

By the way, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Green beans! How funny. It sounds like your day was a good one. Happy Easter to you!

Mama Self said...

How funny! Well, though I like green beans tremendously, I prefer chocolate at Easter. ;)

I know your Easter traditions were quite different this year, but you all still made a point to dwell on its significance: the resurection of our Savior. Perfect!

appleleaf said...

I love the green bean idea. Personally, I would've preferred green beans to all the chocolate that seems unavoidable. We have to have our own morning hunt and over the weekend, extended family have to shower the kids too.
Dentists must love this time of year.

Cate said...

Hi there Kate. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog during my recent absence from the blog-world.

Great to read about the great guppie miracle and the green beans were fab. I even had my 15 year old & 17 year old sheepishly searching for Easter eggs last weekend!

Was a sight to behold :-)