Friday, March 11, 2011

We Are Fine

The tsunami warnings ran all day but our town wasn't told to evacuate. The towns of Seaside and Cannon Beach (15 and 25 miles south) were evacuated, however, and that was where all the focus was. Schools were closed to act as shelters. People were awakened at 2:00 a.m. by neighbors and local officials, knocking on doors to spread the news. These coastal communities had full tsunami training and practice just a few years ago - what terrific timing! Everything went very well, lots of tired people at the end of the day I'm sure. I am very thankful that nothing happened in our area. There was damage to the southern OR coast and down parts of the CA coast, however. Minor, compared to Japan.

We were very saddened by the news we were hearing all day on the radio. Prayed all day for a blog friend in Japan, found out just now (nearly midnight) that she and her family are fine. Please pray for Japan.

I'll tell you how we found out about the earthquake. Once a week, a Portland cardiologist drives out here to the coast to work in the office Todd works in (Todd's usual cardiologist works just 4 days/week.) Todd got a call from his boss in Portland, saying that this visiting physician wasn't coming due to the tsunami alert. What? We turned on the radio and listened to local news alternating with national news. It took awhile to get the whole story. So, Todd got the day off. An unexpected blessing, since he's been putting in 10-hr days for the last couple of weeks. He ended up taking our boys to the orthodontist for me, only to return home because the office was closed - again, due to the tsunami alert.

So, what do we do with our day? Of course, we head over to an estate sale that we learned of due to the people driving up and down our street, looking for the right address which is nearly impossible in our extremely old town with crazy streets that begin and end at random (now, there's a sentence for you.) Astoria is the oldest settlement west of the Rockies and the town kind of spreads out over a peninsula and up and down the hills.

Later, I had to drive Chad to his volunteer job at the museum over the river and into another coastal community in south Washington state. Like in other coastal towns, the tsunami evac route signs are posted along the main street - these signs took on new meaning for me today. We called ahead to make sure the museum was open, just in case. While crossing the 4-1/2 mile bridge over the river, we both studied the place where the river and the bay converge (called the bar) and meets the ocean, about 10 miles away. Did the tide look lower than normal? Who knows.

Oh, Alec got his top row of braces put on last week. He has had discomfort but is so excited to see his front teeth already beginning to line up. He's really proud and excited - we are excited, too. He'll have to wait to get the bottom braces on, since the office was closed today. I'm sure he didn't mind too much!

Thanks for thinking of us today. Chad got a bit frightened, thinking our area would be hit by an earthquake, too. We did a lot of talking. I told him to talk with the people at the museum about where one should go during an earthquake. I said that all you can do is try your best to be prepared and then sort of forget about it. Ignorance breeds fear, is what I like to say. I grew up in Southern California where earthquakes were part of our lives. I NEVER got used to them and shook with fear whenever we had one. It was awful. I was so glad to move up here where earthquakes were not so common. And do you know, just a couple of weeks after our move, we had an earthquake here? I couldn't believe it! Since then, I think there have only been two that I've felt but they've been talking about a "big one" for years. You can't sit and worry about it. It's hard to comfort a child (or a teen) sometimes but I did my best and reminded him that God is always with us, no matter what. No matter what.


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm glad to hear your family is safe. I was thinking about you when I heard about the warning, but I thought you were probably inland (or upland?)enough that you weren't in danger.

Marina also responded well to getting braces. She had one tooth grow in sideways and was happy to see immediate results with her braces. When they have a positive attitude about the braces, it makes life much easier!

Peace and Laughter,

Cate said...

Glad that you were okay. I had civil defence tweets diverted to my phone and we stayed on tsunami alert for the entire day following the quake. There was a minor one that hit a bit further up north.

I've now started sorting our emergency kit, what with Christchurch and the fact that we live on a volcanic field, it's all over the news here that we need to be prepared.

Kind of freaky, but like you said, we can only trust that God is with us.