Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our First Daffodil of 2011

We have one daffodil in bloom! It is so beautiful. All the others want so badly to fully come up but, alas, we have had two days straight of sideways rain, unrelenting wind and gray skies. That sideways rain is REALLY annoying me this year. I don't know why. I'm so tired of seeing it out my kitchen window, as I do dishes. My son said, simply, "Don't look at it." Hmph. Easier said than done. But ...

This post was going to be a rant (seems I'm annoyed at a lot of little things this week) until I read Sue in Japan's post. Now, how can I possibly complain about life's little daggers when she's over there, an ocean away, dealing with relocation, future decisions, being apart from her husband, etc. Her post talks about their situation but also lists her blessings. What a great focus and a reminder to me that I have NOTHING to complain about! Thanks for that gentle nudge, Lord!

So, if I'm not going to complain, how can I redirect this post? O.k., I'm happy that I'm able to post this morning. It's been tough trying to make time to blog/comment. My husband doesn't get home from work until 7 or 8, so I do like two dinners every night, then we have coffee (our daily bonding time) then it's dishes, read to Carmen, and bed time. Morning seems to be the only time for me on the computer and I feel guilty, like I should be doing something more important. For now, I will try to take a few mornings a week, that should be enough to do what I need to do and not feel like I'm neglecting other things. I miss keeping up on my friends' blogs!

Chad has starting playing euphonium again. A blessing (for him) and a curse for us with ears. Practice can be, um, painful. He makes up for it with his continued piano practice, which is lovely. Carmen has refused to pick up her recorder or try any other instrument. Sigh. That girl. I don't know. She's a puzzle. It's not required that all of our children play an instrument but we feel it's an important learning skill. Suggestions, anyone?

So, I will try not to look at the sideways rain today. I'll look at the lovely daffodil, proudly facing my window. Nice of it to do that instead of facing the street. I do need to drive Chad across the Columbia River over to Ilwaco (the tiny town in WA that houses the museum he works in) but I'll try to focus on the car ahead of me and not the rain. Sometimes the weather is different over there - who knows, maybe the sun will show its face! One can hope.


Cate said...

I can only sympathise on behalf of my parents who had to listen to me on alto and baritone sax for many will get better though ;-)

Yay for your first daffodil - spring is definitely just around the corner for you. Hopefully the awful weather will start to settle.

appleleaf said...

Hi Kate,
It's good to hear that spring is on the way for you, while we are enjoying the start of a lovely autumn. And I didn't realize you'd be having tsunami warnings until I thought of where you are situated, up high on the western coast.
Music situation - it's Dad who practices non-stop around here while the kids and I roll our eyes :D
Thanks for your best wishes about my new book. I'll have to find some way to make sure you get one.

jugglingpaynes said...

I hope your gray skies clear up soon. I know exactly you feel. At least you had a sunny daffodil to look at. In our yard, we have a carpet of crocuses right now. They've been snowed on at least three times since they started to pop up. Out of a yard full of blooms of purple and white and everything in between, there is one yellow crocus that make me happier than all the others. I guess it's the sun color that makes it so. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Rachel said...

Hi Kate,
You won my stamps giveaway! Congratulations! Can you email me your addy:
So glad they are coming your way.