Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daffodils (almost) and Mysteries

Spring is trying to make its appearance, in the form of daffodils pushing up their slender leaves through the soil, refusing to bow down to the torrents of rain and wind.

Rain ... rain ... wind ... rain ... thunder/lightening ... wind ... oh, yes, and hail

Yes, this is springtime where I live. Today we felt the air wasn't quite so biting cold, even with a high of 50 degrees. However, the night sky was beautiful. Pink sunset, fluffy clouds. And then, 2 planets, the Dog star and Orion in all its glory. Followed by more rain.

All this is an attempt to distract me from what I've been listening to on the radio. As well as daily life annoyances/difficulties. Keep looking at the daffodils, they show courage in the face of adversity.

A bright spot ... my kids were happy to receive a shipment of Boxcar Children books that arrived a few days ago. We all enjoy reading these little mystery stories. I still read to Carmen every night and had been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder for years. We recently switched to Boxcar Children which is good as it broadens her reading horizons. A bit sad as I miss Laura just a little. But, really, I'm happy to read something I haven't memorized! These books are fun and easy reading. And there are a lot of them. I'm afraid the kids will want us to order more when these have been read! A box of books is a great way to perk up an otherwise cold and dark, rainy day. Nicely timed!

In addition: Please pray for Sue and her family, in Japan. They have left their home for a safer place, as they feel they are in danger. Pray that her husband can join them soon. Pray for their safety. Please, also, pray for the people of Japan. Thanks!


Mama Self said...

Hello, dear blog friend. I haven't been able to read or post in the last few weeks, so I did a quick scan of your last few entries. Japan, including Sue and her precious family, remains in our prayers.

While typing, my husband is concurrently singing "Communion Hymn/Behold the Lamb" by Stuart Townend, and I must say that it reminds me of how we will all be together around the table of our King. No more sorrow, pain, death... We continue to traverse the road we are on, but this is not the end. There is great joy now - and greater joy to come.

May the Lord bless your weekend. =)

Mama Self said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog; I'd noticed you haven't been in the blog world as much lately, so it was extra good to hear from you.

Yes, I play Alma Hix, the mayor's wife's friend/wife of a school board member. There aren't a whole lot of speaking lines, but there are enough! I can't believe how nervous I get about everything...but I just pretend it doesn't bother me. :)

Have a great week!

Cate said...


L was down in Christchurch last week - he said that it is absolute carnage down there - and that is 3 weeks after the event, and no where near the scale of Japan.