Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Lament

I see it's been another long pause between creative thought. I have a good reason. Stress. My body has reached a point where I have to listen to it. And it's telling me that I am too stressed. So, my friends, I could use some advice. How do YOU handle stress?

So much for creative thought.

In other news, my husband and son each bought a female beta fish. We are now a six fish tank family. It's getting out of hand. Fish have run amok. At least they are house broken.

Me? I recently watered the two houseplants I bought last year for my kitchen, to brighten up the room. Hard to brighten up a room when they are thirsting for water. I'm not much of a green thumb. I'd hate to see what would happen if I had fish to care for as well. (All the fish belong to my family - I claim NO responsibility, thank you very much.)

God, will spring every truly arrive? It's cold, rainy, misty, wet, foggy ... in other words, welcome to the Northwest. I want sun and warmth, badly. This is the time of year I start to regret our move here, until I see the daffodils blooming - I never saw a daffodil until we moved to Oregon. God put the daffodils here to give us hope. Hope that someday it will be warm again. Someday.


Mama Self said...

I handle stress by venting on my blog, as I'm sure you've figured out. I try not to be too pessimistic and throw in things I'm thankful for, too.

Enjoy the last of your cocoa/hot tea days with a good book. It won't be long before the outdoors calls us to come plant and enjoy the sunshine. :)

Thanks for thinking of Trey. It's been a hard struggle for him since he can't do much of what he'd like to do. Please keep praying for his recovery.

I'll keep thinking about the play, but I'm nervous about committing to that much time for rehearsals (four days a week/ long hours/ two weeks of performances). We'll see.

Have a great weekend!

Leingang Family said...

It sounds to me as though the dreariness of the PNW is getting to you. My friend is a missionary in remote western Alaska and suffers from seasonal depression. She gets "happy lights" (UV bulbs) for the house and takes lots of vitamin D during the winter to make up for the lack of sunlight. I also struggle some with it and bought some of my own "happy lights" and am thinking about extra vitamin D, too.

But the best way to handle stress is PRAYER! We sing a song at church about laying our burdens at the foot of the cross. It's great advice! Focus all we have on Him!

Hope you have a great and "sunny" week!

Cate said...

Hang in there girl! I think some of that seasonal stress hit my son in Germany - he left 30C temps here in Jan, to go to the record lows of -20 over there, No sun really hit him hard.

Spring must be headed your way though, it's getting quite cool here, so autumn is definitely upon us down here.

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm laughing so hard right now.
Sierra's latest scheme is that she wants to get a female betta for her male fish so that she can have baby fish. I tried to explain how aggressive bettas are, but she is set on doing this, so I spent today researching how to breed bettas.

And then I look at your blog. LOL!

Stress relief for me: Watching a funny movie or reading something funny. :o)

Peace and Laughter,