Sunday, March 15, 2009

Letting Go

A day or so after I wrote my last post, I happened to see my husband's upper right arm. That blasted patient DID bite him! I was just too sleepy to comprehend what my husband said when he got home from work that Monday morning. He worked for the next few nights and didn't mention it again until I saw his arm and shrieked. Praise the Lord (hallelujah, amen, etc.) she bit him through his shirt sleeve and didn't break the skin, or else I'd have to throttle her. I don't care if she's just a pathetic, 20-year old meth addict, don't you go biting my husband who's trying to help you, dang it! I was pretty upset for a time but I'm over it (mostly). I know God loves her and she needs help. I had been praying for her and probably will pray for her again, but not this week. It disturbs me that I might pass this person on the street or in a store, not knowing that she's the one who injured my husband. He can't tell me who it is, according to law. But she's out there. I need to let God handle this. I have to let it go.

On a happier note, I think I wrote on this blog awhile back that on our 20th wedding anniversary last August, we had the waitress take our photo at the restaurant we celebrated at and I proceeded to lose the film. After I found the roll, I had it developed; however, the photos were never returned to the store and I thought our special photo was lost. And then ...

Todd had four rolls of film developed last week (we don't move too fast to get our film developed so the rolls stack up). As we were looking through the pictures, to our great surprise, there was our anniversary photo! I started to cry (of course), I couldn't believe it. I had been praying that we would find that photo and God answered my prayer! Oh, happy day!

I am not going to torture myself in trying to figure out what was on the roll of film that was lost. It's just lost. Let it go.


Cate said...

Ewww - not nice about the bite, but great news about finding your special pic.


Mama Self said...

So sorry to be out of the blog-loop so long. Total bummer about the incident with your hubby and the patient. When something happens that makes me pray for someone I don't know or dislike (or both), I sometimes wonder, "Am I the only one burdened to pray for this person?" It doesn't make it easy when they attack a loved one, though!!

Oh, and thanks for praying for us. Life is hectic, but God is faithful.


Leingang Family said...

I am so glad you got the picture back!

Vicki said...

You are awesome! I can so relate to the 'mama bear' side and am very proud of you for handling it so well. Gratz! On getting your special picture back! Proof the Lord loves you and wants you to be happy.

appleleaf said...

I'm glad the retrieval of your special photo came after your creepy day.
What a challenge it must be to pray for that biting woman. We certainly never know what a day may hold, more so for the nursing profession than many others perhaps.

moreofhim said...

So glad you got your photo! That really was a blessing!

Take care!

Love, Julie