Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thank you for your sweet comments and advice. I am doing better and realizing just what issues occurred to cause me to stress out so badly. It's a daily thing but each day, I feel better. I'm also pretty sure this is hormone-related - sometimes it's such a bummer to be female! And, yes, I've been praying, a lot. I've tried to focus on being thankful.

I shared this on my other blog: My daughter, Carmen, sent in a drawing to "Nature Friend" magazine, in the section that shows how to draw a subject (in this case, a blue jay) and encourages children to send in their work. We just got our issue and it was SO exciting to see her drawing in there (page 16, if you get the magazine). What fun! It's a lovely magazine, too - great for homeschoolers, nature/animal-oriented and Christian-based.

I am working on an item to enter into a writing contest that has a deadline at the end of April. I know my chances are slim but that's not the p0int. It's good for me to do things like this and the purpose of the contest is to further the careers of new writers. There's a cash prize as well which, I'm sure, comes from the entry fee (it's nominal). It's good for me to have a goal in mind and a deadline doesn't hurt to "get it done". I work better under pressure, I think (at least, some of the time). I always have this idea that what I put on the "page" needs to have a purpose or a reason. So, my "reason", in this case, is to enter the contest and see what happens.


Mama Self said...

Wow; that's great about Carmen's picture. And I'm totally impressed about you entering the writing contest. I've been encouraging my Katy to enter those as much as possible, as she wants to be a writer for her occupation. Let us know how it turns out. :)

Leingang Family said...

Have fun writing! Glad you are feeling better. I blame 99% of what is wrong with me on hormones. Yes, it does stink being a girl sometimes! LOL

Cate said...

Fantastic effort for Carmen & would love to hear more of the competition that you are entering.

Glad you are feeling a little brighter too.
C x