Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your Opinion Matters

In the Sunday paper today, I read an article in "Parade" magazine that talked about the homeschooling issue going on in California right now. And the magazine wanted people to go to their website and vote on the following: Should parents need teaching credentials to homeschool their kids?

I went to and voted where indicated. I voted "no" because I know very well that parents do NOT need teaching credentials to teach their kids. I want to encourage those of you who homeschool or support homeschooling to go to and vote your opinion. As of 10:45 pm, over 15,000 votes have been tallied and it's 90% - no and 10% - yes. I was thrilled! On their website, under the heading "What's New", click on the article entitled "Taught At Home".

I really can't stand to see anything that puts homeschooling in a negative light when I know so many, many families that homeschool successfully, including my own (in my opinion). Enough said.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I went and checked out the article (and voted of course) and the stats are now 92-8. Woo Hoo!!!

Emily said...

I'm off to vote. I don't have a degree, but not because I can' was a personal choice.

and my pastor IS the guy you were talking about....never met him. He's by far my husbands favorite pastor. He loved the pastor we had in Arizona, but pastor Matt was the standard for him.

small world.

and when would be a good time for me and my kids to come to the Astoria swimming thing and meet you after all this time?

Mama Self said...

Voted, and now we're at 93-7%! I just hope they check the homeschool test stats against the public school ones... Either way, our kids are OURS and not the state's; it's starting to smack of the Hitler Youth program of not-too-long-ago.

I enjoyed your tribute to your friend. Godly folks who take time to mentor and love us are such a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

Cate said...

Did my bit too - sitting at 96% for "no" now.

Leingang Family said...

That is encouraging! Thanks for letting us know.