Saturday, September 29, 2007

When I Get Old

I've had these thoughts rolling around in my head for awhile. My mother, who lost her husband last year, has been enjoying the company of a man who lives a few doors down. I only know of him from what she tells me but he seems like a personable, nice guy. He brings her dinner, they play cards, he drives her where she needs to go. In fact, he drives a lot of people, sort of a part-time job and an admirable one. She says they are company for each other. All this is fine. I'm so happy for my mom to have a friend. What doesn't set well with me is that he takes my mom to casinos and bingo halls. These are places my mom wouldn't think to go to and I wonder if she's just going along to be polite or for something to pass the time. I do not judge her for going, nor do I judge him. But I sure feel like she's wasting her time. Is that really where the Lord wants her? That's my opinion, I haven't shared it with her. But it has sparked a lot of thinking in how I want to spend my time when I get old (if the Lord allows me to).

When I get old, I want to spend my time in a worthy way. Worthy of the Lord, that is. Volunteering with some of the organizations that I like. Planting trees, helping build a house, things like that. Starting a prayer ministry, in a group situation or phone ministry. I've thought of being a spiritual mentor to younger women, having had the good fortune of having a mentor myself. Of course, I'd love to just enjoy my husband 24/7! I definitely want to spend time with a favorite hobby, though I'm not sure what just now. I'm not much of a gardener but maybe someday ... Furthering my education would be fun. Perhaps a cooking class! My husband wants me to model (there is a need for older models these days and I wouldn't need a bikini body!)

I've got a lot of time between my age now and my mother's. But these are things I've been thinking of for quite awhile. I don't want to waste my time.


Kathy in WA said...

Kate - this is a very thoughtful post. I watched my grandmother continue to serve the Lord in her old age. It was beautiful. She moved to a very remote, little town in Texas and immediately began a Bible study in her home, co-hosted with another woman. Even after my grandmother's hearing had faded, she kept on with the Bible study and encouraged people to come and learn about the Lord.

She was grumpy at times and VERY ready to join my grandfather "on those golden streets" but up until her death she was active in her church.

The night she died the choir came by after their practice and literally sang her way into heaven. Amazing!

Thanks for posting!

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Leingangs said...

I want to volunteer at a hospital in Africa and rock AIDS babies who don't have anyone to love or hold them.

I don't know if that is what God would want me to do, but I would love doing that.

On the other hand, I can't imagine not doing all the things I am doing now for the rest of my life. But I am not sure I can keep us this pace forever. :o)

Mama Self said...

Two things:

1) I hope Lee and I get to be an old couple together because we'll make the cutest/funniest old couple ever, enjoying each other and all folks the Lord providentially brings in our path.

2) My middle name is Gale...yup, I was appropriatly named after a gust of wind. :) It is my mother's first name, too. What comes to mind when I hear about people who aren't particularly fond of their name, though, is a Johnny Cash song: A Boy Named Sue. It makes everything else sound a bit better. lol

appleleaf said...

What great thoughts! I think the silver hair of senior citizens should be regarded as a crown of honour as it was in past eras.
My dh and I have recently been commenting that we're probably somewhere around the end of the first half of our lives and ought to begin planning the second.
Those ideas you've mentioned are great. I've sometimes thought of beginning an "encouragement letter" ministry. Maybe you & I could come up with something that might have potential to spread around the world, beginning at opposite ends as it would.
At any rate, hope we'll still be blogging in those elder years,