Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good Things

My dh had a fun surprise yesterday. He went out of town for an appointment and when he was done, he stopped by a big grocery store for some things that cost more here in our area. He was in the check out and he turned around - behind him was my blog friend at leingangs! Isn't that amazing, that they were both there at exactly the same time? We have met and gotten to know her and her family, so my dh knew her right away. I know the Lord likes to surprise us with little things like that - running into someone you know when you are far from home is always a trip!

And something really terrific has occurred for mamaself - her military dh is HOME! It is such a joy to see her family all together, after his being gone for over 6 months. Praise the Lord for keeping him safe and also for taking care of his family. Mamaself is a strong woman - I encourage you to get to know her! (See my sidebar for links to both of these bloggers.)

Blogging has added more joy to my life. I love praying for my cyber friends and getting to know them is always interesting. Meeting one and her family has also been a joy.

So tell me, what has blogging added to YOUR life?


Mama Self said...

Thanks so much for your comment - it was so sweet! It is indeed a relief to have Lee home; it's one more bleesing from our Lord that I don't deserve.

You'd asked what folks get from blogging. For me, it's wonderful to find "like-minded" people when you could easily feel all alone after watching TV or reading the news. I almost feel like Elijah when God told him about the 7000 in Israel that had still not bowed the knee to other gods!

nsremom said...

I agree that blogging can be a gift from God. I have prayed for my friends and FELT them praying for me. You can't beat that!

Also, I like reading about how other moms deal with character issues, school stuff and the like.

jugglingpaynes said...

I agree. It has been wonderful getting to know homeschoolers from all over.

In answer to your comment, there was a traditional wedding cake in addition to the piles of desserts. It was served so late, though! And I can't decide on desserts when there is so much to choose from!
Peace and Laughter,

Leingangs said...

It was fun getting to see your hubby in the store. I was having "one of those days" so it was a nice treat to see someone we know but don't see very often. God must have known I needed that.