Saturday, September 22, 2007

Middle Name Tag

Emily at thelearningneverstops has tagged me with the middle name meme (what's meme?)

The rules: List one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. Write your own blog post containing your middle name facts. At the end, choose one person to tag for each letter of your middle name. Then leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged.”

O.k., my middle name is (drum roll please) ... Gail. (I hear Em gasping!) I started to say that I never liked my middle name but I don't wish to offend any others reading this that were blessed with this name at birth (meaning - Gayle and the other Gayle)

Let me clarify: I never cared for the actual spelling of my middle name. I always associated it with Gale Gordon of The Lucy Show (it was in reruns when I was very small, I'm not that old!) Anyway, I never liked Gale Gordon (the bank manager), I thought he was a grump. I was so very glad my name wasn't spelled like his but it was darn close. Years later, I saw it spelled "Gayle" and thought that was a nice way to spell it but by then, I had stopped being bothered by my middle name altogether. I always figured that when I got married, I would take my maiden name as my middle name, to keep it in the family (my father had no sons). That didn't happen, bummer!

I don't know what Gail means. Gale is a strong wind - that COULD be me. What I do know is that I was the fourth and final child and after naming 3 girls, my parents had run out of names. They had the first name picked and decided on my middle name while my mom was still in the hospital. They had no answer for me when I asked why they picked my middle name.

Years later, after my dad passed away, I got to thinking. In 1961, a new TV show came out called The Avengers. It was an English spy show with a savvy-dressing cast and was a big hit, both in our house and elsewhere. Anyone who knows this show, probably remembers Emma Peel being played most famously by Diana Rigg. She was amazing. But, before Ms. Peel, there was another beauty, named Cathy Gale (played by Honor Blackman). She was on the show from 1962-1964. Since I was born in the middle of 1963, my husband surmises that my dad must have liked this character and since I was called Kathy growing up (still am by family) my dad must have gotten the idea for Gail from this actress, changing the spelling for whatever reason. It's a good theory, even if it's not true! My mom doesn't think that is where the name came from but it's a funny coincidence. And it lends some intrigue to my middle name!

G - Grateful. I am. Very. For everything God has given me, shown me or taken away, because He knows what's best for me.

A - Apologetic. I have no trouble saying I'm sorry (when I need to, not just in everyday conversation.) I've worked hard to instill this important trait in my kids. It's annoying when someone doesn't own up and apologize when they should. In my opinion.

I - Insane is the first word that springs to mind but, no, how about intercede. As in intercessory prayer. As in praying for others. I truly believe this is a gift from the Lord, as I consider it an honor and a privilege to pray for others and when I say I will, I DO! And God gives me many, many opportunities to pray for people, it's so exciting! If you open yourself up praying for others, believe me, God will show you the way!

L - Loyal. Like a puppy. If I really care about someone or something, I try to give it my all. I obviously don't care that much about housework.

Funny, I was just thinking I was tired of posting about myself lately and then this tag jumps up. This was fun and different but once again, I'm not going to choose anyone specifically. If you want to try this tag, leave me a comment, I'd love to hear more about you!


Leingangs said...

You may not be so fond of your middle name but you should be proud of all the wonderful character traits it represents!

Cate said...

Hi mate,

just a quick note from Paris - have managed to score a computer for a few minutes.

Thanks so much for the comments you've left me - very appreciated.

Will post more on our travels when we get back, but girl, you need to get over here at least once in your life!

Hope you & yours are well,
Cate x