Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Week So Far

"We're not nuts, just a little crazy!"

That's a little ditty my friends and I used to chant while walking home from junior high. We did a little dance to it as well. It was so much fun. (I miss Debbie R. and Linda! Where are you guys?)

Now, 30 years later, I feel the same way. This week has been nuts! We started our first day of school yesterday - it went swimmingly. You can read about that on my blog at HSB. After school, we picked up and delivered a sofa for my mil, to a thrift. Went to the toy store to celebrate the first day of school.

Today went even better, (daughter actually enjoyed reading lesson!) though we had interruption after interruption. The firewood was delivered and unloaded in a big heap in the driveway - but wait! We ordered more than that! Phone calls, yada, yada.

Husband has MRI scan in Portland (way too early this a.m.) 2 hours away. Calls on his way home, during our school time. Can't just say, "Sorry, honey, can't talk right now!"

Middle child wanders about the house, for some reason, and is increasingly annoying. Sit down, Alec!

And later, errands, more phone calls, dishes, laundry, went for a walk with daughter, helped with stacking firewood, made dinner, on and on. We actually had sun for 3 days but today was cold and foggy. But if you drove 10 miles inland, you found sun. It just ain't fair!

But right now, it's quiet in the house. Sigh. In the infamous words of Dr. Seuss (you know him?) "Today is done, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."


nsremom said...

I have a wanderer as well! She's my youngest and is constantly 'bored'...

So was the MRI helpful? do tell.


Mama Self said...

Sounds awfully familiar! I'm glad that you all are getting into the school year so well. I bet (hope) your son doesn't barely notice his braces anymore. If he still does, he won't after a while.

God bless you all this school year!

Leingangs said...

Some days are just like that, aren't they?

But I am glad you had a wonderful first day! It makes for a much nicer start to the year.