Sunday, August 17, 2008


Thanks again for your comments. All this anniversary stuff has kept my mind off of the future. Until now.

I mentioned before that my husband had surgery to remove a mole on his arm and it was melanoma. At the end of this week, he is going in to have a larger excision made around the area, as well as two lymph nodes removed to be inspected.

We've been down this road before, a few years before Chad was born. This melanoma was unrelated to the previous one. After passing the 5 year mark, we were hopeful that he would never have melanoma again. But that's not what happened. At the time, I remember praying that the Lord would give Todd and me a long life together. I still pray that prayer, especially now.

I was going to go into further detail but I don't feel like it. If Todd wants me to explain more, I will.

What I do wish to humbly ask is that you will pray for Todd. The surgery is Aug. 22, in Portland. Please pray that it would be the Lord's will for there to be no cancer left anywhere. And that Todd would have no further melanoma. Also that the surgery would go well, that God would touch the hands of all that care for Todd. And that, again, we would have a long life together. I would also appreciate prayers for me and the kids, as it is a difficult trip, into Portland, overnight, the hospital wait and the drive home. Very stressful for me and sometimes for the kids. I want to be there for Todd and not be concerned about anything else.

Thank you so much. I love this guy.

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Mama Self said...

Will definitely pray! Please keep us posted. We know the Lord will be with you all.