Monday, October 8, 2007

Denim Deals

I was so thrilled by this, I had to post it. A few weeks ago, our local major department store (the only one in our county!) of which I've been a faithful card-carrying member since I was 16, sent me a coupon for $10 off any purchase. Wasn't that nice? I needed a new pair of jeans, so off I went (without kids).

I found a pair that fit, amazingly, and saw that they were $36.00. O.k., that makes them $26.00, still not bad. But when the clerk rang them up, they were actually on sale for $19.99. That made them only $9.99!

After a few days, that same store sent me another offer, this time 15% off any purchase if I used my card (of course, I'll use my card!) My dh always says that if you really like something, get two of them. So, back I went, the jeans were still $19.99 so I bought two pair, a dark and a light wash. The cashier not only gave me the 15% but she also gave me an additional % off (perhaps for my pretty face LOL) which made the price of each $14.94!

Now, I'm used to seeing boot cut, stretch jeans for $50.00 and up in catalogs (that's how I do most of my shopping). So to get 3 pairs of jeans for under $40.00 was awesome!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Great deals Kate! Perhaps I'll head down too!
But then that would make for some pretty expensive jeans, wouldn't it? he he he

nsremom said...

Where in the world were you shopping? That's MY kind of store.

appleleaf said...

That sounds like a great price for jeans to me. A bargain like that is enough to make your whole week great, isn't it?
Thanks for your comment. You & I definitely do think the same way. When I couldn't find that book sequel, my grouchy consolation thought was, "It looks like I'll just have to stick to writing my own." But I've just about recovered now. LOL
Hope you have great end to a good week,

Mama Self said...

Totally sweet deals! I love those crazy blessings that come unexpectedly; God is so good to us!

Have a good weekend and God bless.