Monday, August 27, 2007

What ARE Those Kids Up To?

Thought I'd update you on what my kids have been doing the past few weeks ...

Oldest son (12) has taken over a small terraced section of our front/backyard (we live on a corner and on a hill) and is creating what he says is a rocket base. Lots of digging, laying in of concrete block and removing grass. He's been asking questions about atomic energy lately.

Middle son (9) is obsessed with Bigfoot. Well, we DO live in the Northwest after all. He knows it's only a legend but he's been busy creating Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) out of various materials. He dressed up in my suede jacket and had me video him running past the camera in the front yard, trying to recreate that famous blurred photo that is supposedly Bigfoot. He cut out big cardboard feet and made prints in the front yard (near the rocket base). And it gets worse ... he's got his little sister pretending to be Little Foot. Oh my.

And youngest kid (6). She's been busy trying to win at the card game solitaire, hard to do when she uses the deck of cards that is missing the 2 of spades. If she loses, she tells everyone that her game is "toast". Her current favorite bath toy is a new, unused rubber fishing lure in the shape of a large anchovy, brown with pretty gold speckles. She spied it at the marine supply not long ago and enjoys watching it wiggle in the bathtub. Ugh!

Lack of summer sun can have an adverse effect on a child's brain. Yep, you heard it here first.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I think one of the most important things our kids can learn is how to entertain themselves. Yours are doing wonderfully! Did you know the commercial fishermen call those anchovy things 'hoochies"? Yup! Nice name, eh?

nsremom said...

I smiled at reading that your little gal says that she's TOAST. Hahahah. I'm 'toast' often, but that would be a hoot to hear a little girl say it!

and wow, atomic energy?


Cate said...

Great to hear the creative activities your kids get up to. In this age of playstation & gameboy, enjoy these moments!

Hope you get a bit more sun - autumn is just around the corner (which means spring is down here - yippeee!)

Cate :-)