Sunday, August 12, 2007

To The Rescue

There was a parade in town. We drive around and around, trying to park. Everyone else is there for the parade, too. Plus who-knows how many tourists. We get out of van, close the doors. Um, where are my keys? Sigh. Oldest son spies keys in van. Dh working in ICU, no use calling him. Get out cell phone to call roadside assistance (AAA). Cell phone is dead. Another sigh. Look for angel - ah, there he is. Scruffy-looking but kind, walking with his young daughter. Pardon me sir, do you have a cell phone I could use ... Yes, he says, I was just getting my phone out of my truck. He kindly dials 800 # for me and AAA is quick and polite. They'll be there within the hour. Sir, may I pay you for this call? Nah!, he says, free minutes on the weekend. Many, many thanks!!! Towing company comes to rescue exactly 1 hour later. Watched parade from 3 blocks up while we waited - kids prefer to play in playground across the street. Thankful for sunscreen and hats. Dh later recommends spare key hidden on vehicle somewhere. I am thankful for angel!

Later that day, I remember ... A few months ago, a lady was lost on our street. I was taking my daughter to swim lessons but I stopped to let this lady use my cell phone, to call the friends she was supposed to meet. She was very gracious. We were late to swim lessons but I explained to my daughter that helping people was an important thing, even if it made us late. While watching my daughter swim, I wondered if the lady ever found her friends. Driving home from the pool, we passed by a group of women and there she was! I stopped and she saw me, ran over telling her friends that this was the nice lady who helped her. I was so happy I could help and glad she found her friends.

This particular circle is complete. Or is it another link in the chain. I've been an angel to the rescue and, now, an angel was sent to help me. I pray that the Lord will send an angel to help that kind man with the phone, should he need an angel someday. You know he will, eventually.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Good story Kate! I'm sure one day your phone man will be helped as well!

Mama Self said...

God is so good! I've been overly exhausted lately with too many things going on, but your wonderful story reminds me that God will never leave or forsake me in time of trouble - my ever-present help! He will surely give me grace to make it! Thanks for sharing.

Leingangs said...

Enjoy your break from blogging. We will be continuing to pray for Todd. Keep us up to date.

I am always amazed at how God provides. He is always faithful!