Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Son and Cars

My son and I went to a car show yesterday, down near the beach. It was, of course, a cold and windy day with enough heavy drizzle to really make you appreciate living in the NW. There are a lot of car shows like this throughout the year but usually, when I go, there are a lot of kit cars or cars that are pre-1960. We only had time to walk up and down part of the show which turned out just fine because these cars were from my era. What I mean is, the cars we saw were the same kinds of cars my friends bought and fixed up when I was a teen. Back in the 1980's, everyone (at least where I lived) was buying cars from the late 1960's and early 1970's. It was a like a time warp for me. The only difference was that the cars I saw yesterday were complete, shiny paint jobs, the whole nine yard. My friends' cars were in various stages of primer with engines needing various parts. It took a long time and a lot of money, neither of which my friends had much of. But they enjoyed the process and spent a lot of time talking cars, browsing auto parts stores and catalogs, raiding the auto dump. And I got dragged along for the ride. My son and I had fun looking at the cars and I told him about some of my friends' cars. But, seriously, I really do not wish to encourage my son in this hobby. Now that I am a parent, I feel that my teen years could have been better spent. I want something better for my son. I can't control his desires but I can guide him. I can avoid encouraging him by not putting too much emphasis on how cool the cars are. We talked about how much time and money these hobbies take. This is an issue that will take a lot of prayer - guidance and wisdom. And I need to pray for my son to spend his time and money wisely. When he is an adult, of course, he can do whatever he chooses. But for now, it's up to me and my dh to be his guide.


Mama Self said...

Isn't it difficult to know how to encourage our kids in "the right" areas and help them avoid the wrong ones?!?! As every couple must discern for their own family, my husband and I talk a lot about honorable work and doing all things as unto the Lord...which includes using the talents God gave them and finishing what they commit to.

Thanks for your comment. I am amazed how the Lord provides "divine appointments," or aquaintances in our case. We appreciate the prayers!

ConservaChick said...

Oh boy, I wonder sometimes if we do this with sports.
Isn't it funny the things we steer our kids away from. My husband took my son to a Monster truck show a few years ago, just because me son liked trucks. When he came home, they both had fun, but my husband mentioned that he's like to avoid getting involved in the "monster truck" crowd. Just the type of people the event attracted was enough to keep them from going back (didn't want my 3 year old knowing how to use a beer bong by age 5 (+:).
Great post! ~Karlie