Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Looking Different Around Here

My husband has been wanting to build a new kitchen in this house since we moved here, about 14 years ago. To make a long story short - he began the process last weekend. He knocked out the wall dividing the kitchen from the living room and suddenly I have a view of the bay from my kitchen (through the living room windows). Wow! The view today was of rain, high winds and then snow falling (and sticking) but who cares! It has been fun getting used to that wall being gone. We do not miss it except when my daughter turned to look at the calendar that used to hang there and had a good laugh at herself. Todd came home tonight and said he is taking not two weeks (which he had already scheduled) but THREE weeks! In fact, his boss suggested he take the extra time since the doctor will be gone as well. Todd has never had that much time off, ever, since our marriage. I hope everything goes well and I am giving this remodel to God, asking for wisdom and guidance. We will need it.

When he gets to the part where I can't cook in the kitchen, the plan is for me to cook in our travel trailer which is fine except for the times it will be raining and, possibly, snowing. The weather report didn't call for snow today so it came as a complete surprise. Todd didn't get home tonight until 8:30, driving up and down the hill from town in snow! Sometimes I wish we still had our 4-wheel truck that we foolishly traded in for a vehicle that would hold a growing family. Anyway, I am optimistic and will do my best to be a good sport. I want this remodel to go well for Todd - I'm just along for the ride.

Really, I'm serious. He keeps asking my opinion about things and when I don't have one, we tend to, ahem, debate a bit. I finally told him I just trust him to built a terrific kitchen, like I used to see him do when he had his own cabinet shop. I'll try to give my input when needed but, really, I'll just be so happy with whatever he does.

He built an archway in the area between the kitchen and living room which looks lovely (will look even better when it's dry-walled and painted.) I guess this will call for some pictures which I'm sure Chad will be happy to provide. He's better than I am at taking photos and posting them. Alec and I held up one end of the huge beam that had to go in place to hold up the ceiling where the weight-bearing wall had been. My shoulders are still recovering. He'll also put an arch between the kitchen and dining room.

Definitely looking forward to the new kitchen. Not looking forward to paying the necessary bills! But it will be worth it. I'm very excited!


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so excited for you! A kitchen remodel is something I've wanted to do too, but our house has been so full of DIY "surprises" from the former owner, I'm intimidated about taking it apart. :o)

Have fun and do post pictures!

Peace and Laughter,

Paula Vince said...

Wow, that'll be stunning! You'll be anxious to get cooking every night.
The alternative cooking methods you've mentioned for the meantime sound like fun too.

Cate said...

Exciting times! I've just realised that I never posted all of the final pics from our kitchen remodel - will post mine if you post yours :-)