Monday, January 9, 2012

Something Funny's Going On

The day after Christmas, I heard my 13 yr old son giggling in the living room. No, actually he was guffawing. I'd never really heard anyone guffawing so I was curious as to the cause. He was reading Cristina's book "No School Today". After that, the thing snowballed. When Alec wasn't reading it, I spied Carmen curled up in the corner of the sofa, intently reading and giggling herself silly, the way 10 yr old girls do. And then Chad could be heard, laughing hysterically now and then, eventually bringing the book into the kitchen to share with me, a habit he started years ago with anything he is reading. The book stayed on the kitchen table just long enough for Todd to read a bit. Then it disappeared. I've actually been able to hold it twice, once in the photo on my last blog and two days ago, I picked it up long enough to read 3 strips but got called away to another distraction. Sigh. But that's o.k.

Because I think everyone in this family has shared nearly every comic strip with me at some point in the the last few weeks. It has been so fun, hearing my kids laughing at what they see as themselves sometimes. They are fascinated with these mini stories about homeschool kids, living a lot like we do here. And they absolutely love the cat references, perhaps because we don't have any animals outside of fish tanks. Lines from Toby and his dinosaur are also a favorite, being recited over and over, and laughed at.

Cristina's book has definitely been a highlight with our kids (thanks, Cristina AND Todd!) I'm sure I'll get to read it all someday soon ... when I can find it.

Just wait. When she comes out with Volume 2, I won't let anyone else touch it until I'm done reading it! (There's incentive for you, Cristina!)

I did, however, get to start one of Paula's books and immediately got wrapped up in the story line. Again, I didn't want to put it down but had to (chores were waiting). It's too bad life gets in the way of good reading!

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jugglingpaynes said...

You are so sweet, I'm glad everyone is enjoying it!

I just finished Paula's novel, Best Forgotten. She's really good at keeping you engaged in the story. It was a good read. I really didn't expect how everything turned out in the end. I like it when that happens! :o)