Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet 16

My oldest turned 16 yesterday. Pretty amazing. I'm feeling all the usual cliches (where did the time go, etc.) We are so blessed, he is such a great kid. I think he's enjoyed this birthday since we stretched it out into three different days. With Todd and Todd's mom all having birthdays near Chad's, we celebrated last Saturday at my in-laws and last week, we went to Portland for the day, took in the zoo (he's an animal enthusiast) and had fun. Yesterday was cake and gifts, though one of his gifts still hasn't arrived. Chad has always been easygoing about getting gifts and always, always appreciates whatever he is given. I love that about him. I remember one year, at Christmas, we got him a Playmobil pirate ship and the kid cried, he was so happy! I think he was 7 or so. He just couldn't believe we actually got it for him. It was precious and, fortunately, we got it on film.

I don't know what God has in store for this child but I do know he has a good head on his shoulders. My prayer is that Todd and I will do all we can to guide him and prepare him for his future.


jugglingpaynes said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful son! I happen to like the cliches, because when you are in the midst of raising them, you think every moment lasts forever, no matter what parents of young adults tell you. My baby turned 18 this year. I spent the summer helping her get her learner's permit (her choice to wait) and taking her to register to vote. It's surreal.

Marina used to try on every outfit she received as a present. Everyone loved giving her gifts because she was so grateful. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Paula Vince said...

It's a fantastic age because you can have such great conversations with them, they're such interesting people and I hope Chad has a great year. Sweet 16 and never been kissed. I can never resist using that old line on boys who turn 16 because they blush so hard.

Cate said...

Happy belated birthday Chad!

And yes - the time just flies by. I can't believe that my first born will be 21 in January.

Enjoy these next few years - they are great ones :-)