Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Update

So far, my summer has been about lousy weather, being blonde and liking it, and various medical appointments. Since being diagnosed with osteoporosis last month, I have been focusing on my own health and maintenance. Getting more exercise, more calcium, trying to be more committed to using weights, have all taken up my time. Not to mention my mental health. My mother was diagnosed in her 60's so it's no surprise that I have it, though I wish it had waited a decade or more. On the other hand, I can do more to help myself now than later in life. Fortunately, my doc doesn't want me to take medication right now and I agree. I am not convinced the current meds out there are worth the risks that they carry. I am also over being depressed by this (well, almost). Being proactive feels better than wallowing in a sea of tears (ask Todd, he'll agree!) And get this ... being thin is actually a mark AGAINST me! Isn't that a rotten blow?!! Not enough weight to make my bones work harder. God, it's not fair!! (I know, who ever said life is fair.) That's where building muscle comes into play, if I can do it. Muscle is heavier, therefore, it might help my bones. O.k., enough about me.

My darling daughter has now joined the eye glass club in our home. She's actually very excited to be getting glasses as she has been complaining of not seeing so well far away. She chose a cute lavender pair that should be here next week. She does look adorable in them - wish I could wear them!

My oldest son was asked by a neighbor to feed their cats and mow their lawn while they are away in Alaska fishing. This is a fishing town and it's all too common for men to head off to Alaska for weeks/months. Sounds like fun, right? Anyway, Chad has been doing a great job of looking after the place and will be paid when this neighbor returns. His first paying job - cool! Hopefully, the catch will be plentiful as I'm sure Chad's pay will depend on how much they haul in.

Alec has suddenly become as tall as his brother, despite the fact that he's 2-1/2 years younger. And he has replaced Chad in the sarcasm department. Woo-boy, he's a pistol lately and it's no fun to come down hard on him but I have to. I refuse to let him grow up rude - know what I mean? Any one out there want to offer some helpful teen tips on this subject? I love my kids too much to raise them badly. I actually told my kids the other day that they are not to repeat my mistakes but to learn from them. Not sure they believed me on that one!

Seriously, though, nearly every day I am so thankful for my kids, who they are and how they act. They have been especially annoying since school ended (for some reason) but all in all, they really are not that much trouble. Especially compared to what I see and hear all around us.

Todd has been busy getting various jobs out of the way with our house. There is so much he wants to do and only so much time. He and the kids moved Chad downstairs into our finished basement, so now the boys each have their own room. I think they secretly miss each other but won't admit it. They have both enjoyed getting their rooms the way they want them and they'll be painting Alex's room soon.

Well, I just came home from getting my yearly mammogram (have you had yours yet this year??) and I'm off to do more laundry. And lift some weights.


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm very bad. I have not had a mammogram yet. It's on the list. I suppose I should bump it up to the top of the list, but you know me, mom-ing takes priority. :o)

My mother was diagnose fairly young with osteoporosis. Of course, there were more signs with her. She had broken her wrist more than once and she had cracked ribs from a fall and from my father hugging her to hard (yes, my dad is a forceful hugger). It's good that you are building up muscle to deal with it. I recommend an elastic band for arm exercises and lots of walking and squats!

Sarcasm...Have tried channeling it in positive ways? Marina can work up a good stand up routine based on current events that is incredibly sarcastic but leaves us in stitches. We've also had the talk that you must show everyone you meet respect, because you want to be the person you would like to meet. No sense in destroying potential friendships and future employment for the sake of a sarcastic quip!

Peace and Laughter!

Paula Vince said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and now that you mention it, most of my friends/family members who also have been diagnosed with osteoporosis are also on the svelte, trim side, including Emma's best friend's mum who is my age but looks as if a good gust of wind could blow her away. Good on you for the exercises. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that you're able to halt its progress completely.
The separate bedrooms sound like a good idea. Sons suddenly seem to go from little boys to tall, deep-voiced spouters of sarcasm with no intermediate stage. A few weeks ago I went to give Logan a playful shove and he instinctively shot up this rock hard arm, making us both realize that he is far stronger than me.
Enjoy your summer. We are freezing :)

Cate said...

Oh - you have touched on the two things that I have been putting off - a bone density test & a mammogram. With both my mum & my grandmother having had osteoporosis, i really need to address this at some point.......

Anyhow, hope that you are able to manage things ok 0 and start pumping that iron girl! (That's one thing that I could help you with!)