Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Days

9 year old birthday approaching!

But how cool - she's totally oblivious to it. Tonight, she asked when her birthday was and when I told her it was in 3 days, she was surprised. What a contrast to her brother, Alec, who spent the two weeks prior to his birthday taking a lot of naps, to make the days go by quicker. What a silly boy! Carmen just isn't a very greedy kid and for that, I am grateful. She has insisted that she doesn't need or want anything. Very sweet but I'm sure if she woke up on Saturday with no gifts to open, she'd be a bit put out. Ya think?

I have managed to find a few things she might like. She'll be getting a "new" bike as well, courtesy of her father's skill at refurbishing her brother's still-in-good-shape bicycle. Bake a cake, hang some balloons and streamers and she'll be a happy girl. She did request a trip to a well-known (locally, at least) salt water taffy store down near the beach, so we'll go there on Valentine's Day (the day after her birthday) for some candy. There is a carousel there and I'm going to surprise her with a ride on that. Simple and low cost - I like that kind of birthday.

I have had my brain focused on finishing my taxes. It's such a relief when they are done and I'll be more happy when I get them mailed out. A necessary evil. Seems like the last few years, I spend at least one evening figuring out medical expenses only to find that we don't have enough to deduct - a cruel irony! We have a flexible spending account which allows us to get that money back throughout the year but somehow it's disappointing to not get that deduction, especially after working so hard. But that's life.

After several sunny and rather warm days, we are facing 10 days straight of rain. But I'll take that compared to being buried in snow as elsewhere in the country.

2 weeks until I go braceless ... no, I'm not counting the days!!


Cate said...

Wow - hope that we get to see some before & after pics of your teeth. Can you notice the difference?

And what you have planned for Carmen sounds perfect - hope that she has a wonderful day (now are you baking the cake or your wonder - husband - nurse - cook?) :-)

10 days of rain - hang in there! We've actually had 10 days of beautiful summer weather here (normally Auckland gets frequent rain). Just lovely, unlike in Australia where they are still getting awfully high temps.

Have a great day!

jugglingpaynes said...

A nine year old! How exciting! I keep forgetting that Sierra's seven going on eight. I'm hoping to remember before she actually turns eight in May. :o)

Marina's top brace comes off in March (she already has a retainer for the bottom). Very exciting!

Peace and Laughter,

Leingang Family said...

Happy belated birthday to Alec and early birthday to Carmen!

Mama Self said...

I agree - before and after braces pics would be great! John got his first problem with his braces: a bent wire and a band that's no longer on all the way. I guess I'll be calling Monday morning.

Birthdays and Valentines Day make for a very festive month for you all. I hope you all really enjoy yor family time. I have started trying to remember even tiny details of when we're all together, since Trey graduates in three months. :(

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!