Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Weeks ago, my mother-in-law called to invite us to Easter dinner. Actually, the night before Easter (Easter eve?). My husband had to work so it would be a (mercifully) quick affair for us and that would be that. I decided to do the basket/egg hunt thing on Sat. morning as well. Have our Easter early. Then Carmen decided she wanted to hide baskets for Todd and me (what a sweetie!), which she did with her brother's help. And I did my typical stay-up-way-too-late filling plastic eggs and Todd hid them, and the baskets. We scaled way back this year. Less candy, one non-candy item per basket. Saturday a.m. was fun and then Todd went back to bed. We rested most of the day and I read from the Bible. I've been reading all week from Mark, about the last week of Jesus' life on earth. Then I got the kids ready to go to grandma's, woke Todd up and got ready myself. We were actually the first to arrive - a monumental first. My mil was shocked to see us there so early! Then her friends arrived, an older couple. She had warned us about them beforehand - her exact words were, "She's obese and he's a typical educator." By this, I decided that we shouldn't be shocked at this person's weight and we shouldn't discuss homeschooling. O.k. So, when we see this couple walk up the driveway, the wife is, indeed, just as my mil described ... she's also wearing pink bunny ears. And she wore them throughout dinner and probably throughout the evening. Hmm. Her husband came in carrying a flowering plant. My mil introduced me to this couple and then she did a funny thing. She introduced each of my kids and then said, in a really condescending tone, "Can you each come here and shake hands with ____?" My kids dutifully obeyed but I know they were a bit embarrassed at being spoken to that way. They aren't little kids, after all. But what good kids they were (are!) I know they thought this lady with the bunny ears was really strange but they never said a word about it during the time were were there. This couple was nice but the wife was a bit annoying, with or without the pink ears. Like I said, we had to leave after about an hour and we went home so Todd could go to work. After he left, my middle son said, "Mom, I really wasn't comfortable with those people that were there." I said I understood and made a point of telling all my kids how proud I was at their good behavior. We discussed how we should act even if we are uncomfortable. I love my kids.

Today, I said to my older son that I was sorry Grandma spoke to them like she did about shaking hands with her friends. Chad said it was o.k. I said I wondered why she had them do that, as I didn't really think it was necessary. I have taught my kids to shake hands but I don't think you always need to. Do you know what he said? He said he thought it had more to do with making her friends feel accepted. What wisdom! I had to agree. Chad also said that the husband asked him the typical question, "So what grade are you in?" (Like, is that the ONLY question adults can ask??) My son told him and said he was homeschooled. This man was pleased to hear that, which I was glad to know. If only he had known that he could have discussed politics or world history with my son, instead of boring "school" questions!

Anyway, today was Easter and it was truly a rotten weather day. Wind, rain, wind, etc. My poor daffodils had finally bloomed but they are now face-down in the mud. So glad we didn't have to go out. I read about Jesus' resurrection and beyond. The kids have really enjoyed our daily Bible reading. I try to do Bible study several times a week but I'm not that consistent and I use the Daily Bread devotionals, which read something different every day. This was the first time we read daily throughout the same book. I'd like to continue doing this.

I'll end with this: My daughter has spent the last two days drawing robots that can do housework, cook, kill spiders, etc. I was in another room when I heard Carmen ask her brother if something like this was really possible. Before he could answer negatively, I said that it didn't matter if it's possible. Carmen said, "I know, Mom - DREAM BIG!" I said, "What?" She repeated, "Dream Big!" I smiled and said, "That's right, honey." We talked about how if people didn't dream up things that had never been, then things wouldn't improve or be invented. I was struck at Carmen's response, though. It tells me she's been listening. Modesty forbids me to say who has always told her to Dream Big. I love my kids!


jugglingpaynes said...

Your kids are awesome! I don't think my younger two would have handled that situation as well. They get a little freaked out when adults don't act like adults.

I wonder if that lady went home feeling sad that no one commented about her bunny ears? :o)

Tell Carmen I want one of the housecleaning robots when she starts production.

Peace and Laughter!

Leingang Family said...

Kids are wiser than we often give them credit for!

Cate said...

Sign me up for a housecleaning robot too please!