Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Phone Call From ING

Today I got a phone call from a lady at my online bank, ING. At first, I asked if they made a mistake that I had won the essay contest, because the last few days I've been thinking I dreamt it. She laughed and assured me that I had won (see my last post). Then she asked if I would be willing to let them use my audio response to the phone call I received, telling me that I had won. She said she had been listening in on that phone call and it had been recorded. Everyone there was so moved by my response that they wanted to use it in their advertising somehow. I agreed to that, saying that I didn't think I had said anything to offend a relative or anything (a joke, o.k?) But I can't understand why they want to use it - I just cried for, like, most of the conversation, at least that's how it seemed to me.

Todd and I have had the afternoon to discuss this. I won't get paid (I'll sign a waiver for the legal stuff) and I hope they don't distort it in any way. I hope I'm doing the right thing. But since this whole thing is definitely a gift from God, I'll just have to trust that this is o.k. to do.

I also found out today that they had 5400 essays entered! I was shocked! 5400! They chose 500 people out of 5400 and somehow, mine was chosen. There were 6 people from Oregon that won. This is so amazing to me. And it just further confirms that this was God's doing, not mine. I am working hard to keep that pride thing out of this. It was God. Todd says God gave me the words to write and that is true. But to me, it was just God.

Having this to ponder is keeping my mind off the mess my livingroom is in right now. Todd is in the midst of a slew of remodeling ... well, click here if you want to learn more.


Leingang Family said...

Very cool!

How is the weather over there? I saw snow your way on the news.

We are canceling our Christmas program at church tomorrow! We are pretty bummed, but better safe than sorry.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Mama Self said...

So neat. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

What a wonderful double surprise!

Cate said...

Oh to hear it - you must record it and post online!

Hope that you and yours coped with the dust, hung some decorations, and had a wonderful Christmas!

Lots of love,
c x

appleleaf said...

I would have loved to have heard it. That's such a feather in your cap. Well done!
Hope you had a great Christmas.

Rebeca said...

That is so great! Hope you are all well!