Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Days Post-Election

It's been raining cats and dogs ... wait, that's how I started my last post.

Get used to it - it's supposed to rain for a long, long time.

That alone is reason enough to be depressed. But now I'm a depressed Republican. wah (just a little whimper).

I didn't buy anything at Boden.

I need some cheering up.

Oh, yes. God is still in control. I thought of that last night and I was just reminded of it a few minutes ago. God is still God regardless of what our country does.

I feel a bit better now. Just a bit.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I understand. I posted last night and got a few things off my chest, but now I'm feeling better.

Now we are talking Thanksgiving turkeys, so it's all good. :) I wish it would rain some here, we never seem to have enough...

Mama Self said...
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Mama Self said...

Funny how election time comes right before Thanksgiving, huh? I know how you feel, though. At least in heaven we'll have a most benevolent Dictator that is always perfect! In the meantime, I will admit that I'm thankful that the election was close and not a landslide, as he only won by 6% of the popular vote. to prepare for Thanksgiving and get the last of the Christmas shopping done...

Rachel said...

I totally agree with you as I am a depressed Republican as well. But I just have to keep in mind that we choose our leader everyday, and everyday I do....I choose God!
The rain doesn't help the mood much, I am tired of it already! Just have to keep eachothers spirits up as best we can! Hang in there!!! You are loved :)