Thursday, November 20, 2008

There Must Be A Better Way

I've been spending my evenings Christmas shopping online. It amazes me how much time this takes. Between my slow computer and looking for discounts, plus looking for a gift I can afford, it takes all evening just to do one order. Not just for my kids but also distant relatives.

So, that's what I've been doing. Blogging will have to wait.

Found any bargains lately?


Mama Self said...

No bargains, I afraid, but we have resorted to gift cards because of costly postage. It doesn't seem as personal, but we don't want to be forced to quit giving anything.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

It is time consuming, but I definitely like it better than shopping in real life! :)

We have been trying to win a DS on Ebay for my middle boy for 2 weeks's frustrating me...and I'm about to tell my hubby that it's almost worth it to buy it full price instead of losing the bids over and over...

ComfyDenim said...

And if Gayle just buys one -- if something happens to it you can return it.

The only bargain I've found is really just the difference between the prices on amaz*n and Fisher Pr*ce. the FP online store is much cheaper.

For instance -- there was a pirate boat set for $50. The set included all the extras - on FP. On Amaz*n, the boat alone cost $50.

I was amazed. I had to pay shipping - but it was still a much better bargain.

My problem is buying things early and then seeing something else that maybe they could have had instead. :-)

Good luck!!

appleleaf said...

It's interesting that you say this. I've tried similar things to save time in the past, and found like you that it makes the day longer. We tried grocery shopping with one of those online supermarkets but it ended up being more slightly more expensive too.