Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What I Learned Today

Today I learned that if you are standing on an upturned bucket in the dirt, and you put more weight on one side than the other, the bucket will tip over underneath you. And you fall. And it hurts. And your paintbrush goes flying. Then your son and your (nurse) husband start yelling things like, "Are you o.k.? How did you fall? How did you land?" (or something along those lines).

I learned several years ago that falling after you turn 40 is not like falling before you turn 40. So I already knew that but was reminded of it today.

Then I learned that my daughter, Carmen, has magic arms. When I was on the floor with an ice bag on my shin, she was rubbing my leg for me. She asked if her hands felt sweet. I said, "Yes, like magic." She asked how that could be. I told her it was because of the love coming through her hands.

I also learned how to paint window trim with primer. You'd think in 45 years I would have had the opportunity to do that before now. Like, years ago when falling wasn't such a big deal.

And I learned that, as a mom, I'm doing o.k. Tonight I sat with my lovely Carmen, getting ready to read to her while she had her evening snack. We had been talking about that long-ago day I had my ultrasound to find out if she was a boy or girl. I said that day was forever etched in my mind ...

Carmen: "Why?"
Me: "Because I was both happy and scared."
Carmen: "Happy because you were going to have a friend?"
Me: "Yes. But I knew how to raise boys. I didn't know how to raise girls."
Carmen (thinking a moment): "Well, Mom, don't worry. You raised me just fine."
Me: "Thanks, Carmen!"

That was the best thing I learned all day.


ComfyDenim said...

I'm glad you're fine...and that sweet moment with Magic hands is soooo sweet! Melt your heart, hallmark moment sweet.

And her children shall rise up and call her blessed.:-)

Leingang Family said...

Glad you weren't hurt too badly and that you had a wonderful nurse (not your hubby) to help you out.

Oh, it's also not a good idea to stack one step stool precariously on top of another step stool when there isn't enough room for a ladder while painting a house. LOL

40winkzzz said...

Awww... what a sweet conversation.

I, on the other hand, learned today that my kids (at least one of them) would rather have a dad & no mom than a mom & no dad, b/c "mom makes us do chores but Dad lets us watch cartoons". Gee, thanks, kids.

Really, though, Fuzz claims she "didn't agree with that". She's still at that adoring-my-mom stage like Carmen is. And I hope she stays there for a while yet!

moreofhim said...

How totally sweet. Isn't it wonderful when our children love us and appreciate us? It always means so much to me!

I'm so sorry you fell! I totally know all about that falling after 40 thing. Not fun at all!! I hope you're feeling better!!

I sent you a message through HSB. Thank you for your sweet friendship!!

God bless you ~ Julie

Mama Self said...

So sorry about your fall, and I hope you heal quickly from it. I am glad you were not alone, though, as a sweet family can really help get you through the pains of life.

I'm impressed with your books. I admit that I have been using my sparce reading times for novels: The Three Muskateers, A Tale of Two Cities (in the midst of now), and will finish that era with Oliver Twist. I'll probably go to either modern nonfiction or older philosophy after that. I get too "dreamy" if I read more than three novels in a row...even if they are classics.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Karin Katherine said...

What a great post (and blog) I'm so honored that you have me listed on your side bar. THANKS!

I'm also so thrilled for you to hear that your daughter said you raised her good. I think you should write it down in a journal by your bed. You may need to reflect on that in 10 years!

Every time my daughter says something that just shows that she thinks I'm all that and a bag of chips---I tell her, "I hope you always feel that way". My boys (mostly just one) have already moved on to Daddy Worship and nothing with Mommy is *EVER* quite as good as it would have been with Daddy.

They grow up too fast.