Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Mind On Books

For the past month, I've been reading a book about John Law, a man from Edinburgh basically responsible for the creation of banks and paper money, as we know them today. At one time, he had control of the entire Louisiana Territory. It is not easy reading (late 1600 through early 1700's) but it is interesting. And about a week ago, I began reading a book about how Wall Street began (it actually was a pasture that the owner built a wall around - hence, "Wall Street". How quaint!)

Anyway, after all the frenzy of financial news of late, it made me really uneasy to read both of these books. I felt like I was on overload. I put the books aside. Perhaps when this settles down (and a bailout or whatever is settled), maybe I'll return to the financial reading.

For now, however, I have started reading one of my tried-and-true books that make me happy. Do you have books like that? Ones that you like to read again and again, because they are safe, predictable, you know you'll be rewarded when they are finished. I read these books when I am stressed/worried/fearful because they take me away from those feelings. At least for a little while.

This time I turned to my book about a couple living in CA that bought an ancient ruin of a home, located at the foot of an old castle in a little hilltop village in Provence. They buy it, return home to CA while it is being renovated and when they go back to Provence months later, it has been restored beautifully. This place and the people in the village they live in truly become their second "home". There is pretty much nothing but happiness in this book. Oh, a few difficulties but, mostly, real life dreams coming true. I never want this book to end. Would you?

A few pages here and there get me through the day. And when it is done, perhaps I'll be ready for John Law. Perhaps. Wall Street, however, may have to wait awhile.

P.S. I am so sad to hear about Paul Newman. It's like the end of an era. It IS the end of an era.

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