Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Move On

O.k., I think one day of Bill is enough. I didn't think it would be very well-received.

But, hey, I made it into today's local paper! We happened to see a newspaper at the store today and there I was - tiny as ever on the BACK page of the "Daily Astorian"! Whoa! How many people can say THAT today?!

All right, enough of this nonsense. Incidentally, we chose to remain blissfully ignorant of all the details concerning Mr. Bill's poor lifestyle choices. We got the gist. My kids know nothing. One of the blessings of not having TV. If there's ever a reason for them to know, they'll learn when they are older.

Now, on to real life. Sunday night, I had a dream that I was in an office building elevator with my mother-in-law. Just before the elevator stopped, an earthquake occurred and the elevator shook back and forth. When it stopped and the doors opened, everyone on that floor of the office building was talking about how much everything was shaking and all. Then I woke up. When I got up and went into the kitchen, my husband told me there had been an earthquake in China - a really strong one. I was amazed! I told him about my dream and he said maybe I felt it (I think he was kidding!) Then after lunch, I got a phone call from my MOTHER-IN-LAW, saying she was in the hospital with double pneumonia. She and her husband returned from a cruise on Mon. and they took her right to the ER of the hospital my dh works at. She is feeling better now, thankfully, with proper care, rest and meds.

I know that I've always been particularly sensitive to things and I've occasionally had dreams that were somehow related to later experiences. I do not read anything into these situations, except that it's always weird and interesting. And sometimes when I have a dream that is unsettling, I try hard not to think about it! Fortunately, I do not dream very often.

For the record, it was Todd that posted that crowd photo for me. We just don't take photos very often with our video camera, which is the only way I can get a photo onto the computer. My dh does want a digital camera, it just hasn't been a priority.

Oh, I found out the details about the last president to visit Astoria. According to a book I have called "The Astorian", President Rutherford B. Hayes visited this town during his term (1877-1881) and in his entourage was General Ulysses S. Grant and General William Tecumseh Sherman. A bit of history there for you. See, you learned something new today!


Mama Self said...

Astoria sounds small like my old town of Havelock...nothing like what we now have in Colorado Springs. Even with all the benefits offered by a city, I miss that. :)

appleleaf said...

Hey, great picture! Enjoyed reading these last 2 posts. We've been following your political situation with interest in the news as it comes closer to election time.
Thanks for your comments. Yes indeed, we sure do have Mother's Day and it always takes the next couple of days to recover from as we cram in lengthy visits with both sides of the family.
BTW, when is your major election going to take place? To us it appears to be a series of mini-elections in the lead-up, which is different to how things are run over here and it seems a bit confusing.

Leingang Family said...

How cool that you got to see Clinton, even if he is a democrat and not a very nice man. :o)

Congrats on the new babies in the house, too. sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.