Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Star Wars and Elvis

Stay with me here, there is a connection ...

The last few nights, my husband has felt strong enough to watch some videos in our media room (there is no TV in the living room where the couch is, which is where he has spent his resting time lately.) Anyway, he decided to watch the "Star Wars" series in chronological order. Tonight, he put in the movie that started it all, back in the late 1970's, the one we all thought was the first. I've been sitting here watching with him and blogging a bit simultaneously (aren't I talented!)

And the whole evening, I've been thinking about Elvis. Why? Well, the first time I saw the first Star Wars movie ever made, I was in junior high and at the movie theatre with my boyfriend, Robbie. I have strong memories of sitting there in the dark, seeing special effects I'd never seen before. The huge ship, the strange creatures. My boyfriend was holding my hand and when Obi Wan first lights up a light sabre, my boyfriend nearly jumped out of his seat (he said it startled him). We thought this movie was so very cool. My dad picked us up from the theatre in his old blue Chevy truck and on the way home, we heard on the radio that Elvis had died. So for the rest of my life, these two things will forever be cemented together. I am unable to watch this movie without thinking about that eventful today.

It gets weirder. Tonight, as I was sitting here on the computer, (Luke and everyone fighting their battle behind me) I happen to read on the home page "This Day In History" whose birthday it is today. Take a guess ... it's Elvis' birthday!! Is that majorly strange or what? These kinds of things sort of gravitate toward me - I guess because I find them so bizarre.

I wonder where Robbie is tonight? I wish him well. I wonder if he ever thinks of Elvis when he sees Star Wars, "A New Hope" (Episode IV). I certainly never dreamed that I would be watching this film, nearly 30 years later, with my sweet husband in Oregon, with three kids sleeping down the hall. It's a funny old life, isn't it?


Mama Self said...

Indeed! Funny how things are etched in our memories with such strange connections...

Glad your hubby is resting well and improving!

Emily said...

that's totally weird. The whole Elvis/Star Wars connection.

My husband claims that he always looks at clocks at exactly 11:11. And wouldn't ya know it....he does! He thinks it's a lotto sign or something...but who knows.

appleleaf said...

I was 7 in 1977. I remember my sister & brother running down the passage yelling, "Elvis is dead!" I echoed, "Elvis is dead!" while I was thinking, "Who's this Elvis, anyway?" but I didn't want to confess my ignorance. The huge sensation of that day made an impact in my memory, even though I hadn't yet worked out who he was.
I hope Todd's doing well. Watching all 6 episodes of "Star Wars" isn't a bad way to recuperate. I still haven't got around to watching the most recent one. I'm not that keen to see Anakin morph into Darth Vadar.
Thanks for your comment. Logan's b'day is February 4th, but we'd never have expected you to remember with all you've had going on. Please don't worry if you don't catch the post on time!
I agree, coincidences are weird, fascinating things. Speaking of which, you and I do have a knack of every now and then crossing paths in comments, despite the time zone difference!

Leingang Family said...

Isn't it funny what triggers different memories? Hope you are all feeling better now. Glad Todd is felling better, too.