Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today my middle child, my second son, turned 10. Alec is the child who has garnered the most medical attention of all my kids (so far). For a child who is not a risk-taker (like my oldest son), he has seen the doctor more than most.

Started seconds after his birth. "O.k., he's got a partial cleft lip", words from my midwife that changed our lives forever. Surgery 4 months later. Yearly check ups at the hospital 2 hours away, part of the "cleft palate/cleft lip team" there. Oh, and there was the febrile seizure and the two unexplained episodes that appeared to be seizures but we think now that he was just in deep, deep REM sleep. At least the CT scan showed no seizure activity. Whew!!

Currently, we are waiting for all of his adult teeth to come. Praise the Lord that his other big front tooth finally came in (he only had one for a long time). Braces will start either this year or next.

If the kid wasn't so darn handsome, well ... let's just say he's worth all the trouble. Most days, anyway. All around, I think he's pretty neat. And very bright. And creative. I dig him.

So today we celebrated his 10th year. Happy Birthday, Alec. May God bless your future and may it be as be as bright and wonderful as you are!


Emily said...

so, are you EVER going to take pictures of your handsome/adoreable family?

I feel like I know you in my mind...and you DO know that I have a good imagination. :)

Leingang Family said...

I didn't know that Alec and William share a birthday. William turned 11 yesterday.

Happy Birthday Alec!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Yeah, I'm with Emily we need to see pics of this handsome boy (and the rest of the gang too)
Happy Brithday to Alec, hope he had a good one!

appleleaf said...

Sounds like Alec has had a headstart on bravery, with all he's had to deal with in his short life.
I like these comments from the other girls. Last week I dreamed that your family flew down and visited us! How strange, since I don't know what your hubby & kids look like. I've formed my rough idea from your verbal descriptions. And we do have that one photo of Chad & Alec that Chad sent Logan. Yeah, I'd like to see them too!