Friday, November 30, 2007

Tis The Season of Absurdity

Thanks for your helpful "tree" comments. We'll be in heavy discussion this weekend.

I just spent the last few hours in what I have decided is total absurdity. I have 5 gifts to order for various family members who live far away. You'd think this is no big deal. Um, no, not for me. So many decisions. The diabetic relative I can't send sweets to. The relative that isn't speaking to me but I feel I need to remember the family anyway. There's the family that is all overweight and I don't wish to send more calories than necessary. The relative that we'd rather forget about but, blood is blood, you know. Oh, and gift #5 is for a relative that has really disappointed me lately, but I'm sending a gift because I still love this person.

Absurd, I tell you.

I spent way too much time figuring all this out and then, trying to get the price down to save on shipping. Searching for online coupons that never seem to be for the company I'm using. Ah, I did find one for 10% off, so that's good. But then ... more than halfway through my order, the website shut down for repairs, promptly at midnight. Heavy, heavy sigh. No, make that a really loud, silent scream (don't want to wake the kids).

It's absurd.

But maybe it's for the better. Maybe I need to compare prices more with another company. Maybe I just need to go to bed but if I wait too long, things might be sold out or unable to ship in time.

I ponder way too much. None of these people really care what I send them. But they would notice if I didn't send them anything. And to add to my misery, 2 years ago, this company that I was trying to order from tonight (whom shall remain nameless) sent a substitute gift to replace the sold-out one I had ordered. They sent 2 giant pears. I mean, what would you think if you received 2 pears in the mail? And this was to the relative that isn't speaking to me! I only found out about it because another relative had the guts to call me and ask what that was all about! It was funny but it wasn't, you know? I called the company and they apologized, saying it was all they had in the price range of the sold out gift and said they would send my original gift to this relative. So, this relative got 2 gifts and never, ever phoned me about any of it. Isn't that, like, amazing?

No, it's absurd.

This is the reason I try to get this mail order nonsense out of the way early on. I want to enjoy December. So, tomorrow, I'll be back on that website mainly because they've always tried to be good to me. I'll give them another chance. It's not their fault I'm up so late. If only I could give them the addresses and let them order for my relatives for me - but, then, that would be absurd.


Cate said...

Oh don't you just love family????!!

Anyhow,pop over to my blog when you get the chance & read this post:

C x

chickadee said...

i'm laughing hysterically at the 2 giant pears. that is hilarious.

thanks for your comments (on my old sad post and my new one!).

Mama Self said...

I KNOW what you mean! I'm always reminding the kids that God handpicks our siblings, but then - dealing with mine or my husband's - I seem to have to remind myself as well. :) I think I'll send two gigantic pears to them all this year!!! Thanks for the

ConservaChick said...

Someone bought me a fruit of the month club for Christmas once... I think I remember those pears... they were delish! ~K