Sunday, July 22, 2007

Squids In France

File this under: A Homeschool Family Lives Here

My younger son, Alec, was making up a story about a squid (don't ask) who was found on a beach in France. I said, (in a really bad French accent) "Oh, Avignon or Saint Remy?" Chad smirked and said, "As if either of those places is on the coast!"

I laughed so hard because of the absurdity of the conversation. I wasn't even embarrassed that I didn't know where they were exactly (at least I knew they were in France and probably in the south!) But I didn't know a THING about France when I was 11. And this is just a sampling of what is discussed around here. Last night we were discussing the newly discovered ancient lake bed in Darfur. I mean, a MAJOR debate! (Check out NPR's website for that story - it's cool!)

Homeschooling has allowed us the time and freedom to learn, anything and everything. And the older my kids get, the more I see what a blessing it is and what a benefit it is to our family.

I did redeem myself and said to Chad, "O.k., then, how about St. Tropez? I KNOW it's on the coast!"

You know, I just looked up Saint Remy in our France Road Atlas (yes, we have one, I got it cheap from a remaindered book seller) and there are 16 places listed as Saint Remy or Saint Remy something. I know of only the one in Provence so maybe one of the others is on the coast. Maybe I WAS correct after all!


nsremom said...

That is so fun. To realize the your 11yo is smarter than you. HAHAHAHAH. I haven't a clue about France. But what an intersting topic for your son to be interested in. He's got eclectic tastes!

Cate said...

Will have to check it out on my travel guide - we will be in Paris in 2 months' time!!!!! (so much to do before then - aauuughgghhh!)

ConservaChick said...

A squid in France... love it! We were singing Frere Jacques (sp?) in rounds in the car yesterday, and my oldest daughter chimed in. "Oh mom, we are so homeschooly! Yup, were a bunch of homeschool dorks.." but it didn't stop her from singing 4 or 5 more rounds! ~Karlie