Friday, July 20, 2007


My daughter, Carmen, is 6 years old. Her world is one full of wonder. Lots of "firsts". Lots of questions. She's a deep thinker, sometimes quiet but usually talkative. She loves to play with Daddy, with their special jokes. She sometimes loves her brothers, sometimes hates them. Adores her brother, Alec, who is just 3 years older. Has recently learned how to play by herself comfortably which is good for her and good for me, especially when the boys and Dad are watching "Victory At Sea" on video. ("It's too loud, Mom" which I totally agree!) She kisses everyone and everything. If she sees a photo of a baby, for example, she has to kiss it. We are working on teaching her appropriate kissing but I don't wish to dampen her sweet spirit. When I look at her, I'm amazed. In my biased eyes, her face is a work of art. Perfect nose. Bright, blue eyes with long lashes. Her blonde hair hangs perfectly in place, no matter how Daddy cuts it. The blessing of straight hair, not unruly-wavy, like mine. I hope she always sees it as a blessing. She does not look like me, it's her Daddy she resembles. Serious-faced, usually, though quick to express her emotions (crying, shrieking, laughing, the usual kid-stuff). Currently missing her two front teeth (and two on the bottom row, somewhere.) How does she bite? Carmen and I share lots of special moments. In the summer, we paint our toenails. This time she wanted the iridescent wine color. It's hard to paint those tiny toes! I love spending time with her, doing girl stuff, laughing, reading, or just snuggling. I'll never tire of the sweet feeling of her soft hands on my arm or holding my hand. Touching my face. I love it when I hear her door open in the morning, and she quietly walks in our room. We exchange good mornings and she usually has something to tell me, either a dream or a stuffed animal story. Sometimes, when my dh and I are still asleep, she'll get up and go play quietly in the living room until someone gets up. What a blessing! Isn't wasn't that long ago that she wouldn't get up until someone came in and got her up. She is becoming so much more self-aware. She's a person, now, understanding more about her world. I want her to always stay this age, though I look forward to seeing the woman she'll become. With God's grace, our relationship will grow. Please, let it grow together, not apart.

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~Rhen said...

That was really lovely to read. Thank you for sharing.
All for His glory, ~Rhen