Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aren't We Lucky!

I am sitting here wearing pants and I am not breaking the law. Do you know why? Because on this day (May 29th) in 1923, some government official declared it wasn't against the law for a female in the U.S. to wear trousers! Are we thankful or what? I love to wear skirts and dresses but pants and capris are what I wear the most. I am forever grateful for that U.S. DA (I think that was his title and, of course, we know it was a man) for having the foresight to allow us females to be free to choose what clothes we wore. Imagine if there was a law forbidding men to wear anything but boxers shorts - oh, the wails across America!

Can anyone help me here? I can't figure out how to get that astrological sign off my profile. It's annoying me. I'm still learning my way around this blog. Sigh!


Mama Self said...

I've no idea about getting anything off of blogs...unless you don't include your birthdate on your profile??? Anyway, capris and jeans are my staples, with Sundays and important events being the exceptions. Yes: I'm thankful for living here and now!

Cate said...

I'm a jeans girl though & through & rarely wear skirts!

If you figure out the sign thing, let me know - it bugs me too.

nsremom said...

Yep, it's because you have your b-day listed. Go to your dashboard and edit your user profile. Just leave the bday blank. VOILA>

so happy you'll be keeping up with me. And soooo glad that your DH is feeling better. I'm sure you feel better as well.