Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Blog for 2013

Spring is here!  Spring break for Chad.  He's had a very good year at college so far.  Todd has spent many weekend hours on the largest of the concrete counter tops for the kitchen which we finally put in place last weekend.  (Oh, yes, remember the kitchen remodel, a work-in-progress.)  It's beautiful and I'll put up a photo when I can.  Time has slipped by so fast since last fall.  Not much time to blog (obviously).  So nice to have warmer days finally, will help us get through all the rainy days to come.  Chad has entered an essay contest at the college, at the suggestion of his writing teacher.  It would be cool if he won!  I hope to blog again soon, especially if I'm inspired to write something more than an update!


jugglingpaynes said...

Having a child in college courses eats up the time, doesn't it. Wait until he's full time. :o)

Have a wonderful Easter, Kate!

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