Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Birthdays, Etc.

I certainly had no idea that this summer would involve so much phone time with my family in California.  It's absurd.  But necessary.  Sigh.  I am so, so very thankful that we moved up here so many years ago.  I am glad to be miles away from the nonsense but I wish I could help more.  My sister and my mom are at an impasse and I don't believe things will change soon.  I have taken on the role as mediator, but for me, the worst is over.  I refuse to spend any more time worrying ... I'll just pray and listen and offer anything useful the Lord gives me to say.  It's a very silly situation but, to them, it's a very emotional one.  Ugh.

On to other things ... like my son turning 17 later this month!  In some ways, it's no surprise but in other ways, I wonder where the years have gone.  I suppose because I'm so proud of the young man that he has become, it just seems logical that he'll be 17 soon.  

Todd will have a birthday a few days after Chad's.  It's a big one, too.  I'm not entirely sure how he feels about it but he's pretty rational.  We age, big deal.  Still don't know what we'll do for his birthday but I did buy him a piece of artwork he admired last week when we were in Cannon Beach (an artsy community 25 miles south of here.)

While the rest of the nation continues to have its summer, it's 80 degrees in Portland and eastern Oregon is in the 90's with flash-flood warnings, we on the coast are "enjoying" temps in the 60's and clouds.  I'm really not complaining except I had hoped to wear my summer clothes - more than once.  I'm currently re-reading my Frances Mayes books, dreaming of spending my summers in Italy.  Ciao!


jugglingpaynes said...

You need to go to Italy! Italy sounds like a wonderful place. I've sent two kids there already and I'm dying to go.

Happy birthday to Chad and Tod! Birthdays really only mark a moment in time, not all the living that happens in that time. If it did, I'm sure I would be pushing 80 by now! :o)

Enjoy your weather! We just came out of our fourth heat wave with the blessed relief of 70's. There is nothing like days of hot and humid 95+ weather to help you appreciate the sweet caress of a cool breeze!

Peace and Laughter,

jugglingpaynes said...

Happy anniversary, Kate! I hope you and Todd have a wonderful day! I want to say that next year will mark a milestone, but I think every year is so precious. Enjoy this one!

Peace and Laughter!