Thursday, May 10, 2012

49 And Thankful

We've gotten our routine down now:  Monday through Thursday, life as usual.  Homeschooling, driving Chad to college and his volunteer job, etc.  On Friday, everything gets covered, the plastic comes down all around the kitchen and we look for things to do that keep us out of the way.  When the saw is running, we look for ways to be out of the house.  Lots of cleanup each day of the weekend, then Monday, everything gets uncovered and shaken out.  Life as usual.  Sort of.

Todd has built the upper cabinets on the back wall of the kitchen.  The refrigerator cabinet and the shelves above.  Installed a vegetable sink with a disposal and water filter, for which I am thankful since my other sink has been disconnected.  Amazing how grateful one can be for water when it's turned off for any length of time.  Last weekend, the kids and I went for a long drive, since I knew if I was in the house without water it would drive me nuts.  On our drive, we happened upon a herd of goats, including a pair of newborn kids.  From the appearance of their mother, we supposed that the kids were less than 20 minutes old.  The mother was trying to get her twins to stand up.  It was very cool to witness.  When we returned to our house, Todd was still working on the plumbing (it NEVER goes as quickly as one would like!)  but eventually everything came together, the leaks repaired and all was well.  Little by little, the kitchen is taking shape.

Oh, yes, there was that small event a few days ago.  I turned 49 last Tuesday, and since this kitchen remodel is not cheap, I chose a very small celebration.  Chad put a candle in a chocolate donut and brought it out to me after lunch.  Alec picked a daffodil for me (something he doesn't usually do).  We ordered Chinese take out for dinner which Todd picked up on his way home from work.  He brought in dinner, along with a dozen red roses.  Very sweet!  It was a nice, quiet birthday and I am very glad we didn't go to Leavenworth, WA, this time.  As much as I like going there, it is very spendy.  Actually, having a quiet birthday seemed just right this year.  My daughter baked a chocolate cake today, and said it was a late birthday cake.  She has been choosing recipes out of a terrific cookbook for young people and this was the first time she's ever made anything like this, especially with very little assistance.  She is so proud of herself and so am I.  It was very good, by the way.

I was thinking about my birthday last week, how I love my family and my life.  I used to get so worked up about my birthday, wondering if anyone close to me would remember and do anything for me.  I really didn't feel that way this year - what a relief.  I remember when I was about 11 or 12, my mother told everyone not to worry about her birthday and so nobody did anything for her.  I believe she spent most of the day on the couch, something she absolutely never did.  She was depressed that we listened to her and didn't do anything!  That afternoon, I found a cake mix that you mixed up right in the included disposable box and it was either microwaved or baked (I don't remember).  I brought it out to her and I know she really appreciated my small gesture.  I learned from that experience that you must be careful what you say - people will believe you!  She never again said not to worry about her birthday.  I think she learned a lesson, too!


jugglingpaynes said...

Mine never listen to me when I tell them not to worry about my birthday. :o)

I remember those cake in a box mixes! I don't know if it was microwaveable since we didn't have a microwave, but we did bake them so it must have been oven friendly.

I'm glad you had a nice birthday. You deserve it. I feel for anyone who needs to live through a large home improvement project. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm post this here too, so you don't miss my answer:

Goodness, I've met a lot of authors! I take advantage of any book signings by authors I like, and there has been an annual Children's Book day nearby that we've taken the kids to more than once to meet authors. My list includes Bruce Coville, Tamora Pierce, Jean Craighead George, Jean Fritz, Scott Mebus, Alyssa Satin Capucilli and recently R.J. Palacio. There are many more, I would need to go through my collection to remember!

Your theory is interesting. I'll have to think about that. And I would have gotten excited over the Belted Kingfisher too. :o)

Paula Vince said...

Happy 49th! I hope the awesome kitchen project keeps going well.
I had a very similar experience with my mother one Mother's Day when I was teenager and she'd said that same thing to me and my sister and brother. She still keeps saying it, although we've always acknowledged it from then on :)

Cate said...

Happy belated birthday my friend!!! I hear you on the quiet celebration thing and am glad that you had a great day. Looking forward to the completed kitchen pics - ours felt like it took forever!