Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthdays in Winter

Middle son, Alec, turned 14 last week. The kid is taller than me, taller than his older brother - and he's not done yet! He's at that in-between age, part boy, part young man. We got Alec a new guitar for his birthday and he was really thrilled, having outgrown his beginner guitar. I love it when Todd gives Alec a guitar lesson. A nice time for them both, I think. Alec has a lot of great qualities about him, but he's a hard kid to encourage without spoiling. I'm afraid I haven't done a good enough job in that area. Sigh. Got to work on that.

Carmen will be 11 this Monday. We bought her a pink ukulele and I can't wait for her to unwrap it! I just couldn't resist when I saw it at the music shop in town. They had about 10 ukuleles hanging on the wall, each a different bright and beautiful color. I think they're made in Hawaii. I want one for myself, in fact. Mother's Day gift, anyone? Hope she's not afraid to try playing it. I have been teaching her piano, using the same books that Chad's instructor used with him. She definitely has the talent and rhythm, I feel, and she has developed much greater patience in the past few months. I hope she stays with it.

Having two birthdays so close after Christmas is kind of a bummer but it is what it is. It's gotten easier now that the kids are older. Todd will actually get Carmen's birthday off this year which will make it even better!


Paula Vince said...

Happy birthday to Alec and Carmen.
Wow, you're really hitting the teenage stage too. Great presents. Sounds like your house will be full of music.

jugglingpaynes said...

Happy birthday to Alec and Carmen! I can't believe she's going to be 11 already! Where does the time go?

Peace and Laughter,

Cate said...

Happy Birthday Alec & Carmen! I feel you with the Christmas birthdays too - we have over 20 immediate family birthdays in December and Jan. Makes for a very expensive season!